Saturday, 31 March 2012

ELF Studio Blush and Bronzer Compact

Now I guess you all know that this little blush/bronzer compact is meant to be a dupe for the NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo. I couldn't justify paying ££££ for NARS at the moment, maybe one day, and I really wanted to try it so I decided to give the ELF a go. At £3.50 a pop it is so much cheaper than NARS.

I love the packaging, I think it looks quite sleek and easy to keep clean. It comes with a mirror inside which is always handy. The colours are lovely, especially the blush. It is pinky-peach with golden shimmers, very flattering to any skin tone. The bronzer is a nice matte bronzer, no shimmer here, which makes it perfect for contouring. You need a light hand on the bronzer side as it is very pigmented. There is also a bit of fall out but if you remember to tap your brush before you apply this shouldn't be a problem.

The lasting power is average, it lasts around 4-5 hours with a liquid foundation base. For the price I think that this is more than acceptable. 

Overall I love this little duo, its great for spring to give you a lovely peachy pink glow. It is also really handy to take travelling. I think this would suit most skin tones, and at £3.50 you cant afford not to give it a try!

Rating: 5/5

Friday, 30 March 2012

March Favourites

I love reading monthly favourites, so I decided to do my own :) So here are my March Favourites...

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
The first MAC lipstick I have ever owned, and I get what the fuss is all about. Definitely the best quality lipstick I have owned, I love how smooth and creamy it is. I also adore the packaging and I will be buying more! It the perfect nude but with a hint of colour so that it doesn't totally wash me out. I have been wearing this mostly every day this month since I got it. Love it. Mini review and swatch here.

Neals Yard Daily Moisturiser
I got this moisturiser free with a magazine and its worth around £12. Its totally natural, something I like in skincare. I like the lavender smell and the way it goes absorbs quite quickly into my skin leaving it nicely moisturised. It doesn't break me out at all which is another plus as a lot of moisturisers do. I am not sure whether I will buy this again though as it is quite pricey, I'm undecided.

Paul Mitchell Awaphui Wild Ginger Treatment Oil
I got this in the Feburary Glossy box and I love it. The smell is gorgeous, and it leaves my hair really smoothed and tamed. The only problem is I cant find anywhere online that sells this stuff, so if you know of anywhere let me know please!

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation
My skin has really been playing up this month and I needed a good coverage foundation that is matte, as it is quite oily. This foundation is both of those and is a really nice matte foundation that doesn't look at all cakey. Review here.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Amazing brush, great for applying foundation, highlighter, powder and blush. I would really recommend this brush, its £11.99 and available from Boots. Review  here.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation Review

I received this foundation as a result of attending a Benefit bloggers event. It will in no way affect the integrity of this review and as always, I will give my 100% honest opinion :)

Benefit are launching their new liquid foundation 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' in stores on the 31st of March, and they were recently touring the country to promote it. I was lucky enough to attend an event in Swansea, where we were told all about the foundation. We were also colour matched and were kindly given our chosen shade of Oxygen Wow to try out for ourselves.

I was matched to the lightest shade the foundation comes in, which is called 'Believe in Me Ivory. I am quite pale, but I am not the palest, and this shade is a good match for me, maybe slightly a bit darker than my natural skin colour, so I think anyone paler than me will have problems finding a colour match. 

The foundation comes in a plastic pump style bottle, which could look quite cheap, but not in this instance. Like all Benefit product the packaging has been extremely well designed and is really cute. 

I was ill the day I got this from the Postman and spent all day indoors. Perfect for testing out the foundation, not so great for me. I applied the foundation at 10am with my real techniques stippling brush. 

The first thing I noticed was how runny this foundation is. It is definitely the most runny foundation I have ever used. Don't be fooled in thinking that because it is runny that you will need to use a lot of product to get good coverage. One pump was enough to cover my whole face. 

They say it is a light to medium coverage, and using the stippling brush it was definitely a more medium coverage, which for me is good as I have acne scarring. It covered them quite well, I would still need to use a concealer if I wanted to completely cover them. It didn't accentuate my pores, it actually blurred them well, and it left a nice dewy glow to my skin. 

I checked my skin every hour or so, and this foundation lasted really well, much better than other similar finish foundations I have tried. I didn't use a finishing powder or a primer and it stayed nice and dewy for around 5 hours without getting at all greasy, which is great. After that time I would definitely need to blot or powder as my T-zone became quite shiny. The other areas of my face were still great though. 

Here is a pic of me wearing the foundation. I think it gives a lovely dewy glow to the skin.

I usually have really bad skin, but when wearing this foundation I actually got a few compliments :) I am also wearing Benefit High Beam as a highlight and the two products go perfectly together to create a gorgeous radiant glow. I have got a small amount of GOSH click and go concealer on my problem areas which are around my mouth and chin, and under my eyes.

The foundation has SPF 25 +++ which is great, this really is the perfect foundation for summer as it gives a lovely healthy glow and has the added benefit of sun protection. Another plus for me is the fact that this foundation is oil free and paraben free, and doesn't aggravate my skin. It also contains Vitamins C and E to help prevent ageing, Sea water to hydrate and amino acid to smooth the skin. 

I found it quite similar to healthy mix by Bourjois in the finish, but actually better as it doesn't cling to dry patches of skin and it lasts longer with out a powder. Also with healthy mix i needed at least two pumps whereas with Oxygen Wow I only needed one pump.

I did find that in harsh lighting it did appear that there was glitter on my face. It was nothing extreme like the glitter ball mess that is Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, but it did bother me slightly. I was assured by Benefit that there is no glitter in this foundation, I think it must be the 'Light-Diffusing Properties' that is in the product description combined with the harsh lighting.

As the 'glitter' only appears in harsh light, I still love this foundation. It gives a gorgeous luminous glow to the skin, perfect for summer. It will be nice to see how it performs in hotter weather when my skin will become oilier, and then I will make a decision whether to repurchase or not.

Pros: Glowing dewy skin, lasts reasonably well, buildable coverage
Cons: A bit pricey, might not be suitable for oilier skins, can appear 'glittery' in harsh light

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation will be available from the 31st of March and will be £24.50.

Rating: 4/5

Monday, 26 March 2012

George @ Asda Eyeshadow Primer Review

While I was shopping in Asda the other day I came across this little gem, George's Eyeshadow Primer for £3.50, and they had an offer where you got a free George Faux Lash Mascara with it. I am a sucker for offers and I had just run out of my ELF eyshadow primer so I thought why not. I will review the mascara separately (its good) so if you are interested keep an eye out for that too. 

The packaging is very simple, something I can look past as it is the product inside that really counts. It comes in a nice hygienic squeezy tube with a nozzle on the end, better than the ELF wand applicator in my opinion.

The primer itself is definitely silicone based and leaves a very smooth base for you to apply your eyeshadow onto. I found that the best way to apply this is to pat the product onto your eyelid, don't rub.

It is beige coloured when you squeeze it out but once blended it is colourless. It leaves a nice silky smooth base which shadows blend onto lovely. I used a light natural colour shadow on both eyelids, one with primer and one with out. At the end of the day I was left with the eyeshadow with primer on it still looking as it did the moment I applied it. No creasing or fading. The eyeshadow with out the primer had creased and faded.

So overall I think that this is a great eyeshadow primer and for the price of £3.50 you get a lot in the tube as you only need a small amount. I would definitely reccomend this if you are looking for an inexpensive, clear eyeshadow primer as it does the job nicely. 

Rating: 5/5

Friday, 23 March 2012

Elf Matte Bronzer Review

I have been using this bronzer for a while now. I was on the look out for a matte bronzer to use as a contour, and ELF were having a sale, so I got this along with a lot of some other things :) .

Now, I like this bronzer, but when something says matte, I don't expect it to contain glitter. And this bronzer does. It is in no way shimmery, its just matte with bits of glitter in it. In the pan it looks like a lot of glitter. Swatched and blended you cant really see the glitter, only in harsh light, Im really confused as to why they put it in.

The colour is sort of a muddy brown, so I need to be very careful and use a small amount so I don't look like I have a dirty face. I just make sure to blend very well once I have applied it. The amount I use is so small I think this bronzer will last me years! It is very pigmented. 

I have pale skin, and I really couldn't use this as an actual bronzer, it would just look ridiculous, though I think on medium to dark skin tones this would work well. I actually don't mind this as I wanted this purely for a contour, and for this it does a decent job. 

The lasting power is good, it lasts a good 4 hours on me when wearing liquid foundation. It doesnt accentuate my pores and is just a nice matte bronzer.

For £1.50 you really cant go wrong, and I would definitely recommend this bronzer if you are on the look out for a matte bronzer to use as a contour and don't want to break the bank.

Its not a HG product for me, I have heard that NYX Taupe blush is good as a contour for paler skin tones, so I think I will be trying that next.

Rating; 3/5


Thursday, 22 March 2012

George at Asda Super Skinny Jeans, Similar to Kate Middleton!

I found these gorgeous skinny jeans Asda the other day. I have been wanting brightly coloured skinny jeans for a while now and was so glad I spotted these. I loved both colours so tried them on to see which looked best. Lucky I did.

The mint green ones are lovely on the rail, but I am a size 14 in jeans and once on they are very unforgiving and highlighted all the places I didn't want highlighting.

Luckily I had more luck with the coral coloured jeans, they looked lovely and are the perfect skinny Jean. I find some skinny jeans aren't skinny enough on the leg for my liking but these are perfect (well they are called super skinny after all).

I can imagine these lasting me through spring and summer, and I think I will be taking these on holiday too.

At £14 they are very affordable, you may be able to get both colours. I love George at Asda clothes, especially the G21 range, which these are from.

Once I have recovered from conjunctivitis :( I may do an outfit post with these lovelies.

You can buy these in store or online at Asda Direct.

After I had bought these jeans I saw this picture of Kate Middleton in the papers. She is wearing a similar pair of jeans. I have always loved Kate's style and the fact that she is wearing these jeans has made my day!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Too Faced Summer Collection 2012

If you read my blog, you may be aware that I am a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics. I love everything about the brand especially the packaging and I especially love their eye kits. 

I every collection that Too faced bring out Looks amazing, but this one has got me really excited.

The collection consists of:

Summer Eye Kit

This fabulous collection includes fun pops of summer color in coral, pink and aqua complimented with beachy neutrals and seductive shimmery browns. With this wide shade range, you can easily shift from a playful beach day babe into a sultry seductive summertime smoky look for cozy bonfires and moonlit dinners with your summer fling. 

I am so excited to get the Summer Eye Kit. I have a lot of neutral shadows in my collection so I couldnt justify buying the Natural at Night palette, but this one I am definitely getting. The colours look gorgeous and perfect for summer! I am not sure whether to buy this from or to wait until it becomes available in Boots. I have emailed Too Faced to see if they can give a specific date as to when this will be available in the UK and will update as soon as they get back to me. 

Royal Oil 

Our nourishing bronzing body oil gives the skin a sexy warm glow. It absorbs quickly, hydrating dry skin with an innovative combination of Mangosteen fruit and coconut oil which nourishes and protects skin with easy-to-absorb anti-oxidants

This sounds like it smells amazing!

Primed and Poreless Pure

Our colorless, oil-free formula mattifies surface oil and minimizes redness from irritated skin while it erases the appearance of pores, fine lines and other imperfections. As always with our primers, foundations and powders stay in place all day, colors stay true, and skin has a smooth and poreless finish. 

I have really sensitive skin so I didn't like to buy the original Primed and Poreless as it most probably would break me out. But Primed and Poreless Pure is an oil free version meant for sensitive skin so I am definitely going to give it a go. 

Candlelight Glow

Inspired by our original Candlelight powder, our newest formula offers a more ethereal glow by using PHOTOLITE technology which diffuses harsh lighting giving your skin a diffused, youthful luminosity. The powder formula is 
easy to apply to cheeks, brow bones, and décolleté for a quick all-over glow. 

This looks like a lovely highlighting powder, perfectly suited for highlighting your summer glow.

Milk Chocolate Soleil

We’ve combined the natural detoxifying effects of real cocoa powder with our signature Too Faced bronzing pigments to create matte bronzers perfectly suited for pale to deep skin tones for a touch of summer warmth all year-long.  
This seems like the perfect matte bronzer for paler skin tones. I haven't tried the original as I think it would be too dark for my pale skin but this one seems perfect. 

First on my hit-list are the Summer Eye Palette, then the Primed and Poreless Pure. I may ask for the rest as a birthday present.

The collection will be available to buy on the 22nd March at (they ship to the UK!)

What do you think of the collection? Do you love Too Faced as much as I do? 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation Review

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation Review
Bourjois say: 

A youth extension foundation with a velvety smooth finish, for up to 16 hrs.
With a built-in smoothing sponge applicator, the results are spectacular! Skin is up to 70% smoother, pores and fine lines are corrected, without masking the skin, leaving the complexion perfectly even.
Skincare action: its SPF 15 formula with wild azalea flower, protects skin cells for long-lasting youth extension
And it’s good for my skin:
- Non comedogenic formula
- Dermatologically tested

I don't usually stay loyal to a foundation for very long but my favourite foundation for about a year now has been Healthy Mix by Bourjois. I loved the fact that it lasted well and gave my skin a lovely healthy looking glow. But I have been having trouble with my skin lately, one moment its dry and flaky, then the next it is greasy and oily. If you use Healthy Mix or have read any reviews, mine here, you will know that it has the tendency to cling to dry patches, and also make your skin appear greasy if you do have oily skin. 

My skin has really been playing up the last couple of weeks. It has become more oily, but dry at the same time, and Healthy Mix was becoming a little too dewy on my skin, and sticking to the dry patches. 

So I saw that Bourjois had a new foundation out, and having read a couple of great reviews for it, I decided to give it a go. I knew it was meant to be more matte than healthy mix. It was on offer in Boots at the time so I got two for £13, which I thought was a bargain. 

I got the shade 52, in the shop this looked the perfect match for me, but do be aware that the foundation will oxidise after a couple of minutes from application to a slightly darker shade. So it is slightly darker than my natural skin colour, so I just blend it down onto my neck and this seems to help even things out. 

It is a matte finish with slightly more coverage than the Healthy Mix, which for me is great as I have terrible skin which needs a good medium to full coverage foundation. I apply it using my Real Techniques stippling brush. There is a sponge included in the lid, but I don't like using a sponge to apply my foundation so I just discarded this.

It is a much thicker consistency than healthy mix, and a little harder to work with. I would recommend using a stippling brush or buffing brush to apply this foundation as it does take a little work to blend. Once blended though it looks amazing. 

Like Healthy Mix, this foundation also has a scent to it. Usually I don't like scented cosmetics but the smell on this foundation is lovely and not at all chemically, like most scented makeup. As expected the smell is rather flowery.

I have very sensitive skin and some foundations can break me out, but I am glad to say that this one doesn't do that.

This combined with my Real Techniques stippling brush leaves my skin looking close to flawless. It doesn't look cakey at all, and lasts really well, around 6 hours. Another plus for this foundation is the fact that I don't need to use a setting powder with this foundation, as it gives such a nice matte finish. 

Overall, I love this foundation and will be repurchasing when my current supply runs out. I think this would be great for anyone who is looking for a medium to full coverage foundation, and has oily skin. 

I think this is a good foundation for winter and when you need more coverage, I may change back to healthy mix for the summer though.

I was lucky enough to attend a Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow bloggers event in Swansea recently, and I am waiting for own to arrive so I can test it out. I am really looking forward to it so keep an eye out for my review on that :) 

Rating 4/5


Monday, 19 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow Review

I have finally got my hands on one of these! As soon as I bought it I had to try it out. I got it in the colour 'On and On Bronze', which as the name suggests is a gorgeous shimmery bronzey colour.

excuse the fingerprint, I couldn't contain myself and tested this out as soon as I got it haha 

It is more gel like in consistency than a cream. It applies so easily and smooth, and blends like a dream. 

Once on this colour isn't going to budge until you get your makeup remover out. It lasted all day on me without fading or creasing. I also used a lighter colour shadow on top of it in the inner v of my eye, and this lasted really well.

One thing to note though is that this never fully dried on my eyes, it stayed tacky, but never creased. If I rubbed my eyes it did transfer off, but this isn't a major problem, I Just need to stop rubbing my eyes! 

The price is excellent, at just £4.99 each, most of us can afford to get a few of these, and that's what I plan on doing. I have my eye on 'Tough as Taupe'and 'Eternal Silver', but hopefully I will have them all in my collection eventually! Unfortunately, they haven't released all the colours that are available in the US here in the UK, and I am a bit disappointed as there is a gorgeous colour called 'Pomegranate Punk'. 

I would definitely recommend getting one of these if your like me and pushed for time, its so easy to just sweep this on and you're good to go. 


Saturday, 17 March 2012

MAC Creme Cup

I got my first Mac lipstick the other day. I always used to be more of a gloss girl, but lately I have been loving lipsticks. I have always wanted to try Mac, and I have recently bought a blush set from a blog sale, and I received this lipstick in a swap. (If you haven't heard of the face book group Beauty Box Swaps, you should definitely check it out). 

It is a lovely nude-pink colour, very creamy in consistency and quite moisturising, and looks lovely on my lips. I really love this lipstick and definitely plan on getting more mac lipsticks and growing my collection. I love the smell of them, they remind me of white chocolate milky bars. I was tempted to lick this lipstick off my lips but managed to stop myself haha. 


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Premier Inspired Look

I haven't read the books, nor am I really interested in seeing the film, but when I saw the actress Jennifer Lawrence's Makeup at the Hunger Games Movie première I loved it. It was a bronze smokey eye with nude pink lips and looked absolutely stunning. I was so in love with it I had to try it out for myself. 

Bear in mind that Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely gorgeous and could probably pull off any makeup look, and that I am unfortunately am not and cant. Also, the lighting was terrible so I had to use flash.

I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and a bronze colour shadow from my Sleek original palette, and I used maybeline gel eyeliner and lancome hypnose drama mascara. The foundation is Bourjois Flower Perfection and the lipstick MAC Creme Cup with a layer of Collection 2000 Cream puff in powder puff.

I look washed out due to the flash, and excuse the hair!

So it didn't turn out exactly the same, but I really like the look.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

image from google as I received a sample sachet

First things first, I received a sample of this foundation in a magazine. It was a sachet in the colour beige, and as I had used fake tan on the weekend and was still quite tanned, I thought it was the perfect time to try out this foundation as it matched my tanned skin perfectly.  

When I first applied it, I thought it was great. It gave a medium coverage and the finish was amazing. It was a cross between matte and dewy, and did make my skin look very 'awake' and glowing. 

However when I went into my bathroom which has quite harsh halogen lighting, I noticed that my whole face was glittering. Why anyone would want glitter in their foundation is beyond me. Who wants to look like a disco ball? I had visions of when Edward is exposed to the light in Twilight, this is what I felt like!

After about an hour of wearing it, my face became very greasy. I was out and didn't have any powder on me so had to spend the day with a greasy face. The grease lasted all day until I washed it off.

I was really disappointed with this foundation due to the fact that it had glitter in it and that it became greasy after only an hour wearing it. I have combination skin with dry patches, my skin is not very greasy at all so for this to go greasy was not something I would have expected.

Rating: 1/5, glitter in foundation is such a no-no for me.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Review and Lip Swatches

If you have been reading my blog, you would have seen my previous post on how excited I was about getting the new Revlon Lip Butters.

They were released in the US first, and have had amazing reviews from bloggers in America. They are meant to be as pigmented as a lipstick and as moisturising as a balm, a kind of hybrid product.

I have to be honest I was expecting a lot from these, do they live up to my expectations?

They are called lip butters, so I expected the consistency to be as such. I was quite disappointed because they feel nothing like putting butter on your lips, haha. They feel like a moisturising lipstick, quite nice and not at all gloopy or sticky, which is great. To me they are like wearing a lipstick and a lip gloss at the same time, a sort of 2-in-1 lip product. They glide on effortlessly, and can be used sheer for a bit of colour or built up for a stronger look.

Below are pictures of me wearing the Lip Butters, my lips are a natural light pink colour for reference. 

I chose the colours Peach Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake.

I love both of these colours and will definitely be getting more if they are on offer. I really like the look of Cotton Candy and Berry Smoothie, they are next on my list.

Strawberry Shortcake is a blue toned pink, with out any shimmer or glitter in it, perfect for everyday wear.

Peach Parfait is a pinky peach with gold glitter in it. I really like this colour and it is also great for everyday. I am however, slightly disappointed as this is the colour Emma Stone is wearing in the Promo picture and it looks gorgeous on her, it doesn't turn out the same colour on my lips unfortunately. But it is still a lovely colour.

Overall I really like the Lip Butters and I would definitely recommend trying them.

They didn't entirely live up to my expectations, they are a nice product but they are nothing exceptional in my opinion. But are a nice moisturising lip colour.

Rating 4.5/5


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My 2nd March Glossybox: Harrods Edition

I 'accidentally' ordered two glossyboxes this month, I was hoping to get two Burberry lipsticks and the mini Fendi perfume. Unfortunately, I didn't get the Fendi perfume and I only got the one Burberry lipstick.

I know some people who got this box aren't happy, and to be honest I wouldn't be happy with it either if I hadn't already got the first box. It doesn't have a Burberry lipstick, which I know for some is the whole reason they ordered this months box.

So what did I get in my second box?

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mini Mascara

I was happy to see this in my box. I have tried the original Hypnose mascara and loved it, and really wanted to try the drama version of it, so this will definitely be getting used. I have tried it, and it is a nice mascara. Its gives more volume than length, and doesn't flake at all.

Skii Skin signature

This one I won't be using as I am 23 with no wrinkles. I know some people say it's never too early to start preventative measures but my skin is very sensitive and acne prone, every anti-ageing cream I have tried so far has broke me out. I may swap this, or give it away.

Valentino - Valentina Eau De Parfum

This is a gorgeous smelling perfume. It is floral but very fresh. I love it.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

As I said in my previous post I am not too excited to receive this. Now I have two so I may swap this also.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil

I like trying out new skin care products as my skin is so sensitive, I don't like to buy full sized until I have tried it out first. The sample is a bit on the small side though.

Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower

I'm glad that this was a different Molten brown to the other one I received, and I will always use shower gels. I find the miniatures handy to take on holiday.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with this box. I wish I had saved my money and not got the second box. I have cancelled my subscription with Glossybox as I think that the fact that there is such variation in the boxes can be unfair. I am still subscribed to Carmine, and this remains my favourite beauty box.


Soap and Glory DR Spot Review

Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and very prone to break outs. So when I saw that soap and glory do a spot treatment, I had to try it. I love the brand especially the packaging, and DR Spot doesn't disappoint in that respect.

It comes in a little pink and silver tube with the Soap and Glory logo on it. The consistency is gel like, and you only need a small amount for it to do its magic. I find if I put this on a break out the night before, in the morning it has gone down a lot. It takes two applications of DR Spot and the spot is completely gone. However I sometimes get the odd huge cystic type spot which takes a couple more applications to get rid of. I find when I use it more than two times it does get rid of the spot, it leaves a patch of dry skin in its place. But I think this is a small price to pay, and easily treatable with a bit of Vaseline.

Overall I love this product, its a lifesaver when I get a nasty breakout, combined with Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, it really helps to keep my blemishes at bay.

For more information on DR Spot and where to buy it, or any other soap and glory product, go to

Rating: 4/5


Sunday, 11 March 2012

March Glossybox: The Harrods Edition

I had a nice surprise yesterday when the postman knocked and handed over my Glossybox. I only had the email saying they had dispatched it the day before so wasn't expecting it so soon. 

I love the packaging, like all their other limited edition boxes they have changed the colour from the usual light pink. this time they have changed it to a white box with black tissue, which I think looks very nice. Inside there is a Harrods sticker and ribbon, which is a nice touch.

So what did I get in my box?

Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

A Formula Rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps to lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body.

I am 23, so I am yet to have any wrinkles, so I am hoping that this cream may help with cellulite, as I do have a touch of that. I am going to try it even though it is meant for the older woman, it may still be a great body cream and will definitely be getting some use.

YSL Forever Youth Liberating Serum

A powerful serum enriched with 3 glycans to increase youth activity in cells (in vitro test)
Use one drop day and evening on cleansed skin, prior to applying your daily moisturiser. 

As I said above, I am 23, I also have very sensitive skin and have to be careful what I put on it. Most anti-ageing creams that I have tried have broke me out, and unfortunately I am expecting the same of this one. I think that I will pass this one on to my mum, who will get better use of this. 

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood No 4

This soft satin lipstick offers intense moisture and luminous long lasting colour for fuller lips

As I think most subscribers are, I was very excited to receive this Burberry Lipstick. When I opened it and saw the colour, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. It is a sort of deep brown with a hint of pink to it, which usually I would stay away from. However after trying it out, I think that I may use this colour, it does look nice and sophisticated on.

 I don't think that it gives me fuller lips though, it actually makes them look smaller in my opinion, but I think this is because it is a darker colour. It is very moisturising though. 

Molton Brown Heavenly Ginger-Lily Moisture Bath and Shower

Vitamin rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses.

Even though this is another miniature shower gel added to my collection, I was happy to receive this in my box. I have wanted to try Molten Brown for ages now but never got around to it. It smells gorgeous so I am looking forward to using this.

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her Eau De Parfum

For her is Narciso Rodriguez's first fragrance. A tribute to women's grace and power of inspiration.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to receive this perfume sample. From other blogs I saw that there is a Fendi perfume sample that comes in a miniature bottle, so was really hoping to get that. However this perfume is absolutely gorgeous, something that I would definitely wear, I just don't think that it will last that long. 

Overall I am very pleased with this months box. I have ordered another one as a Mothers-day gift for my mum, so I am excited to see what will be in that. 

You can sign up to Glossybox here for £10 a month plus £2.95 postage. 



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