Monday, 19 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow Review

I have finally got my hands on one of these! As soon as I bought it I had to try it out. I got it in the colour 'On and On Bronze', which as the name suggests is a gorgeous shimmery bronzey colour.

excuse the fingerprint, I couldn't contain myself and tested this out as soon as I got it haha 

It is more gel like in consistency than a cream. It applies so easily and smooth, and blends like a dream. 

Once on this colour isn't going to budge until you get your makeup remover out. It lasted all day on me without fading or creasing. I also used a lighter colour shadow on top of it in the inner v of my eye, and this lasted really well.

One thing to note though is that this never fully dried on my eyes, it stayed tacky, but never creased. If I rubbed my eyes it did transfer off, but this isn't a major problem, I Just need to stop rubbing my eyes! 

The price is excellent, at just £4.99 each, most of us can afford to get a few of these, and that's what I plan on doing. I have my eye on 'Tough as Taupe'and 'Eternal Silver', but hopefully I will have them all in my collection eventually! Unfortunately, they haven't released all the colours that are available in the US here in the UK, and I am a bit disappointed as there is a gorgeous colour called 'Pomegranate Punk'. 

I would definitely recommend getting one of these if your like me and pushed for time, its so easy to just sweep this on and you're good to go. 



  1. Since seeing everyone buying these I really want some, this colour is gorgeous so might have to see if I can pick it up tomorrow xx

    1. Yes it is gorgeous and so easy to apply, get it :) xx

  2. These products are really easy to work with. If you can get the Bold Gold. That one helps pop out gold eyeshadow! Not to mention looks gorgeous on its own as well.

    1. Yea they are great if youre in a rush! I saw gold at the shop but could only afford to get one at the time lol, I love all the colours xx

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