Friday, 23 March 2012

Elf Matte Bronzer Review

I have been using this bronzer for a while now. I was on the look out for a matte bronzer to use as a contour, and ELF were having a sale, so I got this along with a lot of some other things :) .

Now, I like this bronzer, but when something says matte, I don't expect it to contain glitter. And this bronzer does. It is in no way shimmery, its just matte with bits of glitter in it. In the pan it looks like a lot of glitter. Swatched and blended you cant really see the glitter, only in harsh light, Im really confused as to why they put it in.

The colour is sort of a muddy brown, so I need to be very careful and use a small amount so I don't look like I have a dirty face. I just make sure to blend very well once I have applied it. The amount I use is so small I think this bronzer will last me years! It is very pigmented. 

I have pale skin, and I really couldn't use this as an actual bronzer, it would just look ridiculous, though I think on medium to dark skin tones this would work well. I actually don't mind this as I wanted this purely for a contour, and for this it does a decent job. 

The lasting power is good, it lasts a good 4 hours on me when wearing liquid foundation. It doesnt accentuate my pores and is just a nice matte bronzer.

For £1.50 you really cant go wrong, and I would definitely recommend this bronzer if you are on the look out for a matte bronzer to use as a contour and don't want to break the bank.

Its not a HG product for me, I have heard that NYX Taupe blush is good as a contour for paler skin tones, so I think I will be trying that next.

Rating; 3/5


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  1. Perhaps this would suit my skin tone well then. I'll try this out next time I order from ELF. Thanks. :)



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