Thursday, 22 March 2012

George at Asda Super Skinny Jeans, Similar to Kate Middleton!

I found these gorgeous skinny jeans Asda the other day. I have been wanting brightly coloured skinny jeans for a while now and was so glad I spotted these. I loved both colours so tried them on to see which looked best. Lucky I did.

The mint green ones are lovely on the rail, but I am a size 14 in jeans and once on they are very unforgiving and highlighted all the places I didn't want highlighting.

Luckily I had more luck with the coral coloured jeans, they looked lovely and are the perfect skinny Jean. I find some skinny jeans aren't skinny enough on the leg for my liking but these are perfect (well they are called super skinny after all).

I can imagine these lasting me through spring and summer, and I think I will be taking these on holiday too.

At £14 they are very affordable, you may be able to get both colours. I love George at Asda clothes, especially the G21 range, which these are from.

Once I have recovered from conjunctivitis :( I may do an outfit post with these lovelies.

You can buy these in store or online at Asda Direct.

After I had bought these jeans I saw this picture of Kate Middleton in the papers. She is wearing a similar pair of jeans. I have always loved Kate's style and the fact that she is wearing these jeans has made my day!



  1. AH love these! I have been after some of the minty colored skinny jeans for EVER but just couldn't justify top shops outrageous prices! This has made my day! xx

  2. aw great,they are such a good price, and so pretty. They seem quite good quality to xx

  3. Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet store is also a good choice.



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