Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Soap and Glory DR Spot Review

Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and very prone to break outs. So when I saw that soap and glory do a spot treatment, I had to try it. I love the brand especially the packaging, and DR Spot doesn't disappoint in that respect.

It comes in a little pink and silver tube with the Soap and Glory logo on it. The consistency is gel like, and you only need a small amount for it to do its magic. I find if I put this on a break out the night before, in the morning it has gone down a lot. It takes two applications of DR Spot and the spot is completely gone. However I sometimes get the odd huge cystic type spot which takes a couple more applications to get rid of. I find when I use it more than two times it does get rid of the spot, it leaves a patch of dry skin in its place. But I think this is a small price to pay, and easily treatable with a bit of Vaseline.

Overall I love this product, its a lifesaver when I get a nasty breakout, combined with Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, it really helps to keep my blemishes at bay.

For more information on DR Spot and where to buy it, or any other soap and glory product, go to www.soapandglory.com.

Rating: 4/5



  1. Thanks for doing this post! I am definitely going to try this out now! I have been looking for a spot cream which actually works and I think I may have now found it thanks to you :) xxx


    1. Glad to help! It is really good, and it lasts ages because you only need a tiny bit, definitely worth a try :) x

  2. I'm so glad you've done this post, I've been looking for a new spot treatment. I am always left with red blemishes, so I'll be interested to see how this works with my skin. I love the packaging too :)

    e x

  3. It's definitely worth a try :) really helps when I get a break out x

  4. I really like this as well :)



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