Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Favourite Make-up Brushes: Eye Brushes

I have quite a few eye shadow brushes in my collection, but these are the ones that I absolutely love and use almost every time I do my eye shadow. I have the starter eye set from Real Techniques, and while I do like them, I don't love them and feel I have better brushes in my collection. The blending and eyebrow brushes are too large, and the shadow brushes are not quite dense enough.

Here are the eyeshadow brushes that I love:

NYX Smudger Brush: A great little brush that does what it says on the tin - Smudges eye shadow onto the lids. I like to use this to apply shadow on my lower lids. It is a little on the scratchy side but it works so well I am willing to over look that. I got mine from the NYX website for £5.50

The next three brushes are from the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Professional 5 Piece set which I got from Boots for £38. Link. A little pricey, but well worth it All the brushes in the kit are brilliant, but these are my stand-out favourites. They are so so soft, work incredibly well and are 100% cruelty free.

TF Angled Brow Brush: Amazing for filling in my eyebrows and using with gel liner. 1000 times better than the RT one, I found it way too big and not precise enough for me.

TF Blending Fluff Brush: The perfect size for getting into my crease, blends shadow perfectly.

TF Angled Eye shadow Brush: A large brush, great for getting the base colour all over the lid.

So there are my favourite eye shadow brushes. What are yours?

Gem x

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  1. I didn't realise too faced did brushes. they look really good. x



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