Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weigh loss update

I thought I would write a little update as I haven't been posting any for the past couple of weeks.

Basically I have fallen off the wagon a bit and have now gained 4lbs. I seem to have lost a bit of faith in the slimming world plan as I am not seeing the results I want. I know this is partly my fault as some weeks I have not been 100%, but on the weeks that I have I still am only either loosing 1lb or staying the same. Then I get disheartened and go on a binge and put on. So I'm just going round in circles and not getting anywhere.

I have decided to give the plan a break. I am seriously considering joining weight watchers as the plan seems more strict and portion controlled and this is what I need as I am a complete over eater. The group is on Tuesday, so I will update then.

Gem x


  1. Hey I can really recommend
    You pay monthly and it's a really good site - based on counting calories. It's worked for me and I find it much simpler than SW or WW, I've lost 3 stone now :)

  2. Have you tried the Myfitnesspal app? I don't go to slimming world meetings but i more or less follower the plan and keep track of my calories with the app, i find it works wonders. Don't feel too disheartened by it, i know too well how hard it can be to keep focus. Hope it all works out for you soon! x

    1. Thanks. I did have that app on my old phone. I may download it again. Xx

  3. Ahh, it's such a shame you're feeling disheartened, but I definitely think the key to sustainable weight loss is being able to adapt your eating plan to your lower weight! Personally, I've been counting calories for the past 10 months and have lost about a stone and a half (my BMI was always in the 'healthy' range so I feel like it's quite an achievement, even though it doesn't sound like a lot), and I'm now finding losing the last couple of pounds a little challenging, so am thinking of moving to weightwatchers, so please do let us know how you get on!
    Sorry if this was a little overshare haha xx

    1. Well done on your weigh loss. It is tough when you don't have much to loose. Thank you x

  4. I have just flipped through your blog, and you are gorgeous lady! As for feeling disheartened, losing weight slowly really does mean its moer likely to stay off. Plus having steps which are actually fairly simple to put into everyday life are more likely to stick. Over the last couple of years I'v lost 2 stone and kept it off now, but it took a long while to creep on and just as long to go again. So, take courage!
    Thanks for leaving me your twitter link. I hope I'll see you around sometime too



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