Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Weight loss Story So Far

I am writing this post to motivate myself again, and perhaps in turn it will also motivate someone else. I know my blog is primarily beauty orientated but I think this is an issue that affects a lot of people, and is very important to me, so I thought I would share.

I have always been overweight. I think from the age of 10 I noticed that I was bigger than all of my friends and it used to bother me a lot. I used to dance ballet and tap and love it, but gave up at age 13 as I thought I was too big to continue. I could never wear the same clothes as my friends and had to wear adult size clothes. By the time I was 16 I was a size 14/16 and after I met my first boyfriend my weight went up and up and I was a size 16/18 by the time I was 18.

I always used to tell myself that I was overweight and there was nothing I could do about it, even though looking back my diet was terrible. I was never happy with the way I looked and was quite unhealthy.

At 23 and after my second baby I was pushing a size 20. One day I decided that enough is enough, I wanted to loose weigh and get to a healthy BMI. I finally accepted that it was my fault and there was something I could do about it. I wanted to set a good example to my children by being fit and active with a healthy diet.

I knew I couldn't do it by myself as I had tried and failed many diets, including calorie counting and slim-fast. I looked into the Cambridge diet but found that to be too costly, and wanted a diet where I could eat the same meals as my family.

I joined a local Slimming World group in August 2011, and found the plan great to fit around my busy family orientated life. The whole family could eat the same meals as me as the plan is based on a healthy low fat, high fibre diet.

Going to the group every week is really motivating, and I have met a lot of lovely people who are all so friendly and supportive.

I have lost 34 pounds to date, which is 2 Stone 6 pounds. My BMI has gone from Obese at 32.6 to overweight at 26.6. I was pushing a size 20 before I started and now I am a comfortable 14, sometimes a 12.

I still want to loose at least another 21 pounds, and have a way to go as my weight loss has slowed down a lot. I seem to have hit a bit of a wall at the moment with my weight fluctuating, but I am confident that I will do it, I know if  I stick to the plan 100% I will loose weight.

Here are some before and after photos :)


  1. Thanks for posting this! Im on a similar path as you were size 16 at 16, 18 at 18 ... Im ill atm so my weight is on the up again but its so good to know that loosing it is do-able! Also you looked beautiful before and after! xx

    1. Thank you :) It isn't easy but its not too hard, especially if you have motivation. I forgot to mention I haven't really exercised at all up to this point, so may start that soon xx

    2. Great weight loss story, Gem! 😃

      Losing weight can be done with zero exercise minutes per day. Weight loss comes down to energy balance, as long as you’re eating fewer calories than you are burning (you burn calories every second, regardless of what you’re doing), you will lose weight. Exercise is one way to manipulate this energy balance and increase the amount of calories burned.

      So yes, it is certainly possible to exercise for 1 minute and lose weight.

      1 minute of specific weight loss routines, is equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise at the gym 🏋️

      To be honest, I don't know too much more about it other than it working great for me and hubby, click here to take their 1 minute quiz: 1 Minute Weight Loss

      I highly suggest your readers check it out if they're looking to lose your weight easily once and for all.

      Good luck!

      Lost 17 pounds in 3 Months w/ little to no exercise

  2. Thankyou so much for this post! I'm in the same position at a size 18/20 and I've decided that enough is definitely enough! You just proven to me that it is doable without having to be extreme. You look absolutely amazing and should be so proud :)

    1. Thanks so much :) good luck on your journey xx

  3. Im just starting the cambridge diet im starting at a sz 22/24/26 so its a long journey . Ill be posting my journey on my blog too hopefully we can follow each other journeys

    1. I look forward to reading about your weight loss journey, good luck with it xx

  4. It's really interesting to read your weight loss story, it's an issue that effects a lot of people and isn't something that a lot of people are this open about. I hope you manage to reach your goals, I'm trying to lose weight currently too and looking forward to reading about your journey :) xx

  5. Hiya, what a great story! I would love to feature it as a guest post on if you fancy it just drop me an email at xx

  6. You are truly inspirational and I think you look beautiful in all of your pics above but whats more you are beautiful inside too. My family have always had weight issues and I wish this media fuelled world that we live in wasn't so obsessed with image I've seen my Mum at her lowest ebb and it made me feel low too. Reading your post makes me smile inside

    Keep up the hard work u look every inch the yummy mummy that you are


  7. You have done amazing! x

  8. I am on a health kick (only started this week) but tonight I felt tempted to eat something naughty but didn't. After coming across your post it's motivated me more to stick to it, to lose weight and be in general better health!
    Well done, you look great. x

  9. Wow! What a great transformation, Gem! You are absolutely an inspiration to everyone. Losing weight and staying fit are the best ways to achieve optimal health. You really did an amazing job. Keep it up! :]

    - Steffanie Roldan

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