Monday, 25 March 2013

Blog Design and HTML: How to Leave Your Blog Link as a Clickable HTML Link in Comments

**I realise most of you bloggers are technical whizzes, but I thought I would write this post for people like myself, who didnt have a clue how to do this and a rubbish with coding and design**

I have no problem with bloggers leaving their link in a comment on my blog, in fact I encourage you to do it. And when you do I don't mind how you leave it, whether it be just written out like this or as a clickable link like this GEM SEREN .

But when I leave a comment and a blog link, I like to leave mine as a clickable link as I think it looks neater, and Im a bit OCD with things like that.

So how do you do it? Its really simple, but for someone like me who has no clue I needed it spelling out.

Here is the code:

<a href="url">Link text</a>

And here is an example of how I would leave my link:

< a href=""> Gem x </ a>

I have left a space in between my <  a and / a, this is so it would show up as text for the post. When you post your link remove the gap :):)

I hope this was helpful to some of you, I know it would have been for me, as I had to scour the internet to find out how to do this for myself haha

Gem x


  1. Thank you, this was so helpful! I am such a technophobe & have no clue about things like this. I'll practice & leave my link below! xx

    Helen. xx

  2. OOh ive always wondered how people do this

    < a href=""> justjoannablog x

    1. Ooh sorry I forgot to mention in my example to omit any spaces between the characters! X

  3. Thanks for the tip. Going to try it out now lol!


    1. No problem, glad it worked for you :)O x

  4. thanks, I'm usually very good with technology but this blog stuff im all new to! does this have to be done every comment or is there way of setting it like a signature?


    1. Now that I am not sure of, would be really helpful if you could :) If you find out do let me know x



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