Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bargain Body Lotion: The Beauty Parlour Soften It Up

If you read my blog you will know by now that I love a bargain. I really enjoy browsing Poundland and other discount stores and usually always come out with something. I came across this body lotion in Home Bargains for 99p and couldn't resist.

I like the packaging, although it could be seen as leaning slightly on the tacky side of things. I think that they may have 'taken some inspiration' from Soap and Glory with the design. They have also taken inspiration from Soap and Glory with the scent. It is very similar to the Original Pink scent that Soap and Glory use in most of their products, but not as strong. This is great for me as I do find the Soap and Glory smell to be a bit overpowering at times but maybe not for people who like a strong smelling body lotion. 

The lotion itself is OK, I think the best part about it is the smell and the pump design of the bottle which makes it so easy to use. It doesn't sink into the skin straight away so requires some work in order for it to be absorbed. Once it does though it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, just like any good body lotion should. 

Overall, this is a good body lotion with a nice, pleasant smell. It is great for people like me who are on a budget and don't want to spend £10+ on more expensive lotions, and are fans of the Soap and Glory scent. 

Have you found any bargains recently?

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Gem x


  1. This looks awesome, and the packaging is pretty cool too! Will keep an eye out for it!

  2. yes its worth getting, for 99p you cant go wrong :) x

  3. I actually just discovered this brand by accident, when looking for something else completely, really want to try something by them. Sounds promising based on what you wrote!

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