Thursday, 4 July 2013

3 Bargain Holiday Dresses - Outfit of the Day

I have just come back from the gorgeous island of Menorca. I bought a few lovely bargain dresses before I went, and was going to do a haul but I didn't get round to it. What better way to see them though, than in action on holiday? haha.

This first dress is from Store 21 and cost only £4.99. It is really flattering to my larger figure as it skims over my tummy nicely. I have modified this dress - it came with 3 buttons down the top but they didn't look right at all. Easy to remove and the dress looks 100 times better now in my opinion. I don't think store 21 do online shopping?! I'm not sure but the dress also came in navy and was really pretty too.

This dress/top/coverup is from Matalan and is only £5. Its so pretty and I wore it over my swimming costume as a coverup, but it also looks great as an evening dress. If you are over 5`5" I think it would be too short though, as it is really short on me. Its still showing on line in the holiday shop, but when I click it I get a page unavailable message at the moment!

This is my favorite of the 3 dresses, and again its from Matalan. It cost me only £8, I cant find it online but it is probably still in store. It came in at least 3 other colours too.

Gem xx



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