Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Weight Loss Story: Updated August 2013

If you have read my original 'Weight Loss Story', you would know that last year I lost a total of around 2 and a half stone with Slimming World.

I had already lost around 1 stone due to pregnancy. I had a rough time and didn't eat a lot as I had very bad sickness, so after birth I was over a stone lighter but still I was obese.

The last straw for me was seeing a picture of myself on a night out, standing next to my gorgeous, thin friend. I decided to join a weight loss group and had heard only good things about Slimming World so decided to give it a go.

I was full of motivation and I found it relatively easy to shed the first 2 stone. But after that first 2 stone I seemed to hit a wall. Whether it was a mental or physical one I am not too sure, but I yo-yo'd between loosing a pound and gaining a pound for around 6 weeks.

I was very down about this, even my Slimming World leader could see and tried to re-motivate me but it didn't work. I decided to have a break from it, and thought that I could at least maintain my weight at the time.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to maintain my weight or find the motivation to go back to the group. Eight months later I rejoined Slimming World and was nearly the same weight as I was when I started first time around.

This time I really plan to stick at it, and get to my target weight of 10.7 stone. At 5'5" that is the upper end of the BMI scale for a healthy weight, but I think it is a weight that I would be happy at. I have around 2 stone to loose now and it does scare me, but I know I can do it... I've done it before!

Heres some pictures for you to see.....

I've already lost 8 1/2 lbs so far in 4 weeks, so I'm over the moon about that. Its really kick started it all for me and I am already seeing benefits. My skin is looking SO much better and my double chin is starting to go!

Slimming World isn't really a diet as such, its more of a healthy eating program and if you are looking to join a weight loss group I thoroughly recommend it. I have tried weight watchers and found it much harder to stick to. If you would like any information or if you are on slimming world and want to stay in touch, drop me an email at

Gem x


  1. Well done! Its so great to hear how you are coming along, I recently lost 3 stone and have put a stone back on. I'm really lacking in motivation but hoping to get back on the band wagon soon! xxx

  2. Well done for getting back on the wagon, you look great!
    I'm considering joining SW, I've been using a few of the recipes and love the food.

    1. Thank you. Slimming world really is great and I cant recommend it enough :) x

  3. Well done Gem, so glad to hear you are making head way with the weight loss. Didn't know you had a little one, I am based in South Wales, also a lifestyle blogger with a little boy, if you ever want to do coffee let me know

    Laura x

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