Tuesday, 6 August 2013

July Favorites

Sleek Face Form Palette - I have it in light and absolutely love it. The blush is really pretty, the highlight is highly pigmented and the bronzer is completely matte. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon!

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, Shade 52 - I really like this as a bronzer and it smells gorgeous (not like chocolate really, more like sweets). I was originally going to use this as a contour, but there are glitter particles in it, and I spotted the Sleek palette in Superdrug just after buying this, so it worked out well anyway.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - Love this foundation, its nearly perfect. The only problem I have is that it is slighly too dewy for my preferences so all I do is add a little bit of Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I am good to go.

Bourjois Colour Boost in Peach on the Beach - See my full review here - Its such a pretty shade!

No 7 Blush in Cool Pink - I have been looking for a cool toned blush for a while now and this one is perfect. It looks gorgeous paired with Mac Creme Cup lipstick.

So there are my favorites! I know its quite Bourjois heavy this month, I haven't been sponsored honest, haha! I took advantage of the 3 for 2 and absolutely loved everything I got!

What have you been loving this month?

Gem xxx


  1. I have been after that sleek palette for ages - it looks gorgeous! I don't have a SuperDrug that stocks sleek near me though :( may have to purchase it online! Lovely post honey :) xx

  2. Big fan of the Healthy Mix foundation.. really great x

  3. The Sleek palette is never in my local store ever...


  4. I need to try healthy mix foundation looks great!


  5. I love the Bourjois Bronzer it is one of my two favourites the other being MUA bronzer. I am going to try the Sleek one though looks good.

    Jac x0x


  6. I love the bronzer and no7 blushes. You should try the no7 cream blush in romantic, it's my most worn blusher ever.

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. I've got the old Sleek Contour Kit without the blush and I love mine dearly. It's almost impossible to hit pan on though! xxo

    Helena | The Edge of Beauty

  8. peach on the beach is such a lovely shade! Xx



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