Thursday, 28 February 2013

Whats in Your Pocket? Money Supermarket Blogger Challenge

I was super lucky to be one of the bloggers invited to take part in Money Supermarkets What's in Your Pocket? blogger challenge.

They want people to celebrate lifes 'little wins' Like the thrill of finding £20 in your pocket, and hat a thrill that would be! We could spend the money in any way we like as long as it gave us or someone we knew that feel good feeling.

They have made this great video here where you can see the reactions of people who have just found a £20 note in their dry cleaning.

I wanted to spend the money on my children and FiancĂ©, but £20 doesn't stretch too far and they have so many toys already (FiancĂ© included, haha). I thought long and hard and decided to throw a party; A party was something that the whole family could enjoy, and my son had so much fun helping me to organize it and then in the actual party itself. My Finance's birthday is the first week of March, so me and my eldest son decided that the party would be a birthday celebration for him.

I wanted to really stretch my £20, I actually only spend £13 on the whole party so I have now added £7 to my savings (for Duty Free shopping when I go away in June). I saved money by making the cake myself and using value and own brand food. I had all the party gear such as table cloth, banners etc. left over from the boys birthdays so used those.

I felt amazing that I had managed to save money, treat my family and also myself. And the left-over cake in the fridge has been giving me that feel good feeling all week :)

A huge thanks to Money Supermarket for selecting my blog to take part, me and my family had so much fun.

Gem x


  1. Aww you spent you money well and it looks lovely x

  2. I love this the fact you managed to save money too! Very Savvy
    Following you on gfc :)



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