Friday, 22 February 2013

Pootles Papercraft

Sam from The Makeup Advice Forum (which is a fantastic site which you should definitely check out) has just started up another website Pootles Papercraft, selling her beautiful hand crafted stationary and paper products.

Taken from the website: "Only the best paper products on the market have been used in the creation of Pootles products.

The aim is to take something basic and ordinary and make it beautiful, yet still retain it's original purpose.
Standard notebooks and notepads have been embellished with stunning brads, buttons, blossoms and papers.
Post it notes have been taken to a whole new stationery level!
Erasers no longer need to just be boring!
Prices have been kept low, we want you to actually use the products, not place them on a shelf for ornamental purposes!"

I was kindly sent some of the products that are on offer after I replied to Sam on Twitter as she was looking for bloggers to review.

I love everything that I was sent, but my favourites have to be the Post it Note Pouch ( I have a thing for post it notes) and the Magnets; they look lovely on my fridge - I am using them to hold my sons paintings.

I would definitely recommend having a peek over on the website With Mothersday coming up there are some lovely things that would make a great gift.

Gem x

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