Thursday, 21 February 2013

Abi O by Beau Bronz Self Tan for English Roses - Review

I was recently lucky enough to receive a sample of Abi O by Beau Bronz Self Tan for English Roses. Now, I wouldn't describe myself as an English Rose, I am Welsh to start with haha. I have neutral fair skin and I do believe that the classic English Rose has light pink toned skin. I tan quite well when I'm in the sun, I go a nice golden colour, but as you can imagine that doesn't happen very often because I live in Wales. At the moment I am positively ghostly pale. So the way I like to get a bit of a glow, or a lot of a glow, is by using self tan.

This tan would fall in to the category of a bit of a glow, it is definitely one for very pale skin tones. I'd say anyone darker than my skin tone (MAC NC 20) should look into getting the darker self tans in the Beau Broz range.

In the winter I don't want to be really tanned, I just want a nice glow and this product is perfect for that. It left my skin looking slightly more tanned and healthy, the sort of effect a gradual tan would have over a few uses but this was in one.

The smell of the product is gorgeous, it made the application process even more enjoyable, it smelt of roses. A very similar scent to that of St. Tropez gradual tanner. It dried really quickly and didn't make my skin at all sticky, which is one side effect of fake tan I hate.

I used this on my face and unfortunately it broke me out, I should really be using a separate one anyway I know. All self tans do this to me though.

Overall this is a really good self tan and one I would definitely recommend to the fairer skin tones, and those looking for a healthy winter glow.

You can pick up a 50ml size of Abi O Soft Sun for £8 which is great for travel and first time trying the product. Link.

Gem x

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