Saturday, 19 May 2012

May Jolie Box


  • China Glaze Nail Polish in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
  • RMK Makeup Base
  • Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser
  • Talika Eye Therapy Patch

This is my second Jolie box, but the first one I am posting about. I really like this months box but am slightly disappointed with the colour of nail polish I received. It is a full on neon yellow which does look stunning in the bottle (the picture has not done it justice) but this is a shade that I know I wont pull off. I am quite pale and not very fashionable (lol). I was so excited to get a China Glaze polish and now I am left feeling a little deflated.

All the other products though are right up my street. I have just ran out of my Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose moisturiser so I am very glad to have got another rose moisturiser as I love them. I am excited to try the RMK base as most of primers break me out, I am on the look out for one that doesn't. I was hoping to get the lash serum but thinking about it I wear contact lenses and have very sensitive eyes, so maybe getting the patch was the right thing really. I have also noticed I am starting to get fine lines under my eyes so I think its time I invested in a good eye cream.

Have you got your Jolie Box yet?

Gem x

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