Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review

I got this little sample size in my Harrods edition Glossybox. I have owned the Lancome Hypnose Mascara before and thought it was quite good so was excited to try this one.

I wasn't overly impressed with this mascara. If I had bought this with my hard earned money then I would have been quite disappointed.

The first thing that bothers me about this mascara is the smell. It is an overpowering perfume-y smell which I cant stand. It makes me quite nervous using this mascara, I can imagine it being very painful if you accidentally get this in your eye.

It is a very watery mascara and if you blink, or sneeze like I did, before this mascara dries you will get it on your eyelids and everywhere else.

I actually like the wand, it is curved which I find makes it easier to get to the inner and outer lashes. The wand is the only thing I like about it though. I like to apply more than one coat of mascara and if you do that with this one then you will get clumping.

There weren't many clumps but the ones that were there flaked off throughout the day. Once they had flaked off though the remaining mascara didn't budge all day.

It does make my lashes look longer and thicker, but I think for the price the mascara just doesnt deliver. I have tried better mascaras that cost a lot less.

Pros: Brush gets all the lashes in the outer and inner corners, thicker looking lashes
Cons: Smell, can clump, price

Overall I wont be buying this mascara again I think there are much better out there for less money.

Rating: 3/5



  1. It'd a shame this doesn't live up to the hype :(

  2. I got this for a present and have a total love/hate relationship with it! If it wouldn't clump then I probably would buy it but it's just not worth it to me!

  3. The lancome hypnose mascara specially designed wand makes it easier to apply the corner eyelashes as they are tend to be short and hard to reach. Also too much coating tends to clumps eyelashes, especially those who have thin and barely-there eyelashes.



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