Monday, 3 February 2014

Guest Post* | Fashion or Function

Fashion or Function?

When it comes to footwear we usually have to make a choice: fashion or function? High heels have long been our friend and our enemy, settling their stiletto-skinny points on that thin line between love and hate. We all want to inject a bit of glamour into a night out and heels have long been the obvious choice for making an outfit scream 'Wow'! That is until it's 3am and you're waiting for a kebab with your heels in your handbag.

When it comes to function, we all want footwear that is comfortable and wearable. Trainers, flip-flops, your 10 year old pair of boots and the ballerina pumps that are more Billy Elliot's dad down the coal mines than The Royal Ballet all take pride of place in your shoe rack. We're all screaming for a shoe that brings fashion and function together without us having to traipse round the high street, rummaging and trying on endless amounts of footwear. We simply want something that will look fabulous and fit well.

FitFlop's ethos lies in making shoes that are scientifically and technologically flawless, achieving a great fit for everyone. But haven't we heard this all before? Many other shoe brands have guaranteed us ergonomic perfection only for us to find out it's all a big marketing ploy. FitFlop are changing the way shoes work. The company's creators include an entrepreneurial mum and two biomechanists. We all know how hard mums' feet work so we're taking this lady's word for gospel! With two scientists on the team, it seems that FitFlop may have designed what we've all been waiting for.

Over the last 6 years, the company have grown stronger, developing their ranges for both men and women. There is a lot on offer with all different types of shoes, designs, materials and sizes. With beautiful designs and a fit Cinderella would be jealous of, FitFlop is succeeding in stamping its mark on the footwear market. Their website boasts of amazing testimonials from their customers, with love and happiness screaming from the reviews. It seems FitFlop have finally won the fashion/function war!

FitFlop shoes can be found in a range of shops in the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. They also have a great online shop where you can browse their designs and search for your nearest outlet.

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  1. There's nothing worse than shoes that hurt your feet!

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