Wednesday, 10 July 2013

No 7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara

Finally, a mascara that does what it says on the tin. It delivers loads of volume and is completely waterproof. I used this mascara while I was on holiday, and I can vouch for its waterproof claims; it didn't smudge or flake like others I have tried, and I didnt end up with the dreaded panda eyes.

When I first saw the brush, I didnt think I would get on with this mascara as it has really short plastic bristles. But they do a great job.

When I wear mascara, I like the volumised to the max look and this one definitely creates that. The pictures below are with just one coat. You do need to be careful as it can clump if not applied correctly. I do the wiggle technique and also scrape the brush before use. 

Whats your favorite waterproof mascara??

Gem x


  1. Woah that mascara is really pretty but I know I would apply it wrong and it would clump like crazy :P I just use any tubing mascara cause I hate the black smudges left from any other kind of mascara when I wash it off.

  2. I love your eyes! I use Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara and love it.. Also, I live in South Wales too :) I'm from Carmarthen and am in university at Cardiff :) now following you on bloglovin. xx

  3. I might have to look for this--finding a good waterproof mascara is so hard!



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