Thursday, 13 June 2013

£1 Beauty Haul

I love finding bargains, and whenever I am in town I always pop to Poundland. I think I found some gems this time, especially the caviar nail beads. I also went to superdrug to have a look at the new MUA products and came away with two of their blushes - not exactly breaking the bank at £1 each.

I am off on holiday in a few days so most of what I got I will be taking away with me. I love Garnier Fructis, I got this one for damaged hair as on holiday my hair always dries out. I also got excited when I found this Clynol product, I have loved every product I have tried from them so am looking forward to trying this. It is a shine treatment which is supposed to be very nourishing, so again great for holidays. Its also the perfect size for travel. 

I wanted to pick up the 6 new shades of MUA blush, but my Superdrug only had Marshmallow and Lolly available. I love them though, and looking at the swatches online these would be my favorite anyway. Lolly is a peach/coral colour and marshmallow is a bubblegum pink with blue undertones. They are super pigmented and feel softer than the original - I think they may have been reformulated? Anyway, these are perfect to take away with me as they are the perfect size, and easily replaced. 

The caviar beads were an impulse buy, I saw them and had to have them. They come in such lovely colours and will be great in my ever expanding nail art collection. 

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

Gem x


  1. Great haul, love the look of the MUA blushers xx

    1. They are great :) Definitely worth a go for £1

  2. I love the packaging of the garnier products! Very holiday appropriate :) i cant wait to go into superdrug & see the new mua blush shades too!

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    1. They are :) Yes I hope to pick up the other shades soon too

  3. Poundland is great for picking up bargains :) I always have a quick pop in when i'm in Cardiff, you got some great finds :)

    Laura x



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