Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm Taking Part in the Escentual Micellar Blind Trial

Escentual are looking to create the ultimate micellar water edit. They have given myself and 99 other bloggers 7 anonymous samples of micellar water from some of the biggest French brands. Over the course of 14 days we will be testing them out, and then will be giving our thoughts on each sample via an online survey.

I am really excited to be taking part in this, I think its an excellent idea and will be very interesting to see which micellar water comes out on top, over all and my personal preference.

I am about 3 days into the trial now and I have tested 4 of them. I am noting down my thoughts on a notepad as I go along, and I already have a firm favourite out of the 4 I have used so far.

What do you think about the trial? Are you taking part?

Gem x


  1. I am doing this & think its such a good idea. though i think i have guessed which one of them is. ;) xx

  2. This sounds so interesting, I had been wondering why I was seeing photos of all these little bottles on instagram! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. x

  3. I am really interested in this trial and I am not taking part, I am loving all the posts xx

  4. Im doing this too! Loving trying products with a completely open mind for a change :) xx

  5. Oooh I'm so jealous I would have loved to take part, I'm very interested in the results too as I've only ever tried one before, Bioderma :-)

  6. This sounds like a great idea but I think the 14 day trial is far too short. You should be able to try out each one for a week to really get an idea of how it works. Will be interesting to read the results! xx

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