Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Current (and very simple) Skin Care Routine - For Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

I don't have the best skin in the world, actually its pretty bad. I have suffered from acne since my teens and at nearly 25 years of age I am still battling with it. I also have large pores, acne scarring and skin that is really sensitive and breaks out all the time.  But I have managed to find a routine that is working for me and keeping my skin looking half decent. I haven't had a breakout in over a month and my pores seem a lot more refined.

I decided to try and make my skincare routine as simple as possible, and as I don't have very dry skin I could get away without using a moisturiser, although Efflaclar Duo does have moisturising properties. My skin has never looked better, and I am positive that its because I have simplified the routine, and found some great products too.

At night I use Cleanse and Polish to remove my make up, and then again for a deeper cleanse. I dont use the toner in the evening, I just apply a liberal amount of Efflaclar Duo on my skin.

In the morning I use a small amount of Cleanse and Polish, about half a pump and then the toner and a small amount of Efflaclar Duo.

Even though I'm not using a lot of products, my skin is looking radiant and my acne is at bay for the moment.

Obviously everyone's skin is different, but if like me you are suffering from acne and sensitive skin, I highly recommend not using a lot of products on your skin.

Gem x


  1. I may have to try this myself...currently on the lookout for a new cleansing routine and this sounds perfect!

  2. I have bad skin too and I have recently really toned down my skincare to a similar routine to yours, fingers crossed it works for me as well as it has for you! xx

  3. i've never used toner before what does it do? my mum had it and it felt like it dried my skin out and i have dry-ish skin around my nose area. Maybe i need to try it, my skin isn't spotty but i have a lot of weird tiny pimples and huge pores :( XX

  4. Dry skin is my bugbear, always on my cheeks :o( xx

  5. I agree, simple skincare is the way firward. my skin has thanked me for it. x



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