Wednesday, 17 April 2013

30 Ways to Save £1

The lovely MoneySupermarket are holding another blogger competition, where they are challenging us to come up with 30 ways to save £1. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you would know about my love of a bargain so I think I have some pretty good tips up my sleeve :) Some would say I was a professional bargain hunter, or maybe just a shopaholic. But in all honesty, with only one wage coming into the house I have to be pretty thrifty. So here are my tips;

30 ways to save £1


  1. Sign up to cash back websites such as top cash back. You can earn back a certain percentage of what you have spent, I have earned £50 so far.

  1. Use voucher code websites such as …. You may be able to save on postage, or there may be a voucher for 10 or 20% off.

  1. Take advantage of Tesco Clubcard Rewards. You can double or triple your points for days out in theme parks, restaurants and hotels. Take a look here. I recently visited a local adventure farm with my family for “free”.

  1. Facebook is great for second hand bargains. There are lots of local selling groups on there where people sell everything from clothes to settees.

  1. I love charity shops, I have had some great finds from them. My best buy was a lovely Next coat for £1

  1. Car Boots are also a great place to find many bargains. I love to buy clothes and toys for my children here.

  1. Boots Advantage Card – Not only do you accumulate points which can be used to purchase, you also get access to money off coupons – pop your card in the machine next time you are in store.

  1. If you’re a student, always ask at the till if there is a student discount scheme. I saved a load of money when I was a student by taking advantage of this.

  1. Ask your self – Do I really need this? And then ask it again. It works a treat for me and can help stop that impulse buy of a pink lipstick when you already have 10 at home (just me?)

  1. Avoid store cards at all costs and use the above tip. The interest is usually astronomical.


  1. Cooking from scratch has saved me a lot of money and sometimes it only takes an extra 5 – 10 minutes. Plus it is way healthier too.

  1. Plan your meals for the week in advance and take a list to the supermarket. This way you are a lot less likely to be tempted by things you don’t need.

  1. Even if the product is on offer, check whether you are actually getting a good deal. For example it may be 2 for £3, but you may only be saving 25p.

  1. Use supermarket own brand or value products, this can save a lot of money.

  1. Shop around for what is on offer but don’t waste any petrol - my supermarket has a great price checker tool for your favourite brands

Energy Bills

  1. Switch your appliance off properly, don’t just leave them on stand by and don’t leave the light on if you’re not in the room.

  1. Turn the heating down, even if it’s by a few degrees.

  1. Switch to a cool wash, there are plenty of detergents that work just as well at 30 degrees and doing this will not only help your energy bills but the planet as well.

  1. Switch energy suppliers. You may not be on the best plan for you, and you can usually get cash back when switching.


  1. Cash for clothes – In recent months there have been loads of these schemes popping up in my area. You take unwanted clothes and they pay you by the Kilo.

  1. Bank accounts – a lot of current accounts come with perks such as Travel and Mobile phone insurance, check yours as you may be paying for something you already have.

  1. Sales – Take advantage of them. I always buy my Christmas and birthday presents for the year ahead in the Boots Boxing Day half price sale.

  1. Book your flights in advance – I managed to get flights to Paris with EasyJet for £25, and closer to the time they were selling for £60

  1. When its time to renew your car insurance, always shop around. We found a cheaper deal and told our current providers and they matched it for us.

  1. If you haven’t used it / worn it in 6 months – sell it on ebay.

  1. Check out your local paper - mine has money off coupons in there every Thursday. You could save on anything from your hair appointment, money off restaurants to toys from Toys R Us.


  1. When the weather is nice, or even when its not – get out doors. It’s free and my children love it more than going to the cinema or softplay.

  1. Speaking of the cinema – Take advantage of Orange Wednesdays and Kids

  1. Clubs. My son and I like to go on a Saturday morning when it is only £1 each.
  30. Buy clothing second hand where possible. Children grow so quickly they are hardly in them long enough.

So there are my money tips, do you have any?? Don't forget to go and enter the competition for yourselves here!

Gem x

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