Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beauty Wishlist

I am currently doing the 30 day shred, and to give myself more of an incentive ( I have zero motivation when it comes to exercise) I have decided to put £1 away every time I do it. So hopefully at the end of it I will have £30 to spend on something for myself. I have currently missed one day and Im only on day 5, but I am determined to complete the 30 days. If it takes me a little longer so be it.

These are the beauty items I am coveting lately, I know some are slightly more than £30 but I could always make it up.. or do a few extra days.

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - I have tried and reviewed the oil here, but that was not in spray form. I think the spray would be more practical - has anyone tried this and compared to the original?

YSL Rouge Volupte - I have two of these already and I love them. The packaging and formula are amazing, although they don't last all that long on my lips. I don't care though as this is one lipstick you will want to reapply, its so pretty. I'm not sure on which shade Id choose yet.

Too Faced Matte Eye shadow Palette - I love Too Faced eyeshadow palettes and own three of them already. I am a lover of matte shadows for day to day wear and have wanted this palette ever since it was released a few years ago.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine - I spotted this in Boots, I am a magpie to pretty things! I tested it and fell in love. I need this as my summer scent this year so I will hopefully be able to pick this up in duty free in June.

Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette - I dont wear purple or pink or blue shadows, so I'm not really sure why I want this palette so much. It just looks amazingly pretty and prehaps if I got it I would start wearing those colours more often.

What beauty items are you coveting? Have you tried/ reviewed the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray?

Gem x


  1. I really want to try the Macadamia Oil too, I love the Masque. And the UD Glinda palette is beautiful.
    Great wish list!

    Jesss xo

  2. love you idea! brilliant! hehe.. I have the UD Glinda palette if you check out my blog iv done a post all about it :) im not a colour eye shadow kinda person either i much prefer my natural colours but that palette is well worth the money :)
    great wish list!


  3. I've tried the macadamia oil too and I thought the same, it would be much more practical as a spray!

    I love that Marc Jacobs perfume bottle!


  4. Great choices! I have both the oil and the spray and its the same practically just thinner consistency :) xx

  5. I have my eye on the summer edition of daisy too, doesnt it just smell gorgeous?! xx



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