Monday, 7 January 2013

Primark Haul

I went to Primark the other day and got a few nice bits which I thought I would share with you. I usually go crazy in Primark and end up spending loads, but I was very restrained this time.


  • Basic black long sleeved top for £3.50. These are a staple to have in any wardrobe and I currently have two.
  • Scarf/snood for £4 which I thought was a bargain. 

Beauty Items:

  • Lashes - they are great and only £1. I got more dramatic ones this time though, I think I will keep these for a special occasion.
  • Nail art kit. It is only £2 and comes with two nail art pens and little rhinestones. I have tried these and think they are great, definitely worth a buy. 


  • Strawberry scented candle - Smells amazing, I hope it still smells amazing when I burn it.
  • Earrings - I loved these earrings, especially the crosses and the angel wings. 


  1. Looks like you got some lovely things! I always seem to buy something when I'm in Primark, I love their stuff and they're amazing for essentials! I think a lot of people presume that they are a 'cheap' shop, but I don't think they are any more -it's good value for money but I'm never left disappointed with the quality, and their clothes don't look or feel cheap! I love them! x

  2. Those are lovely items. I totally agree about the black top. I got a similar one in my primark shopping spree while in Germany. I will have a haul video up soon so you can see. :) Missed the lashes though. Such a bummer we don't have Primark in Latvia. :(

  3. Hmmmm that strawberry scented candle sounds yummy, I hope it still smells good when it's lit too! x



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