Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review : Ecru

This post turned out to be a little long and rambling, so if you want to skip the blurb, head for the writing in bold where I have summarised my thoughts on Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation :) 

I have wanted to try this foundation for a while now. I had a bottle of it a couple of years ago and I wasn't all that impressed but I thought I should give it another chance. Boy am I glad I did... I think I have found my HG foundation.

I got colour matched by a lovely makeup artist while shopping in Debenhams. I explained that I had sensitive skin and she was kind enough to give me a little sample pot in my colour, Ecru. 

The colour match was perfect. I would highly recommend going to a counter and having them match you. The shade range is quite extensive, not to mention confusing. From what I can gather I have been matched to the second lightest neutral shade, which is called Ecru (1N2). I have always thought I had a neutral skin tone,  I am naturally quite pale but tan well in the sun. I am super pale at the moment so I may go back in the summer to get matched again. 

My skin has been behaving itself recently, my acne has not flared up for the past couple of weeks. I am glad to say that this foundation did not cause my acne to flare up at all either. I do have a bit of dry skin on my nose, and I found that if I didn't moisturise this foundation clung to the patch.

I only use a small amount of this foundation, and I use my fingers. I know it is recommend to use a brush, but I find in doing that I waste too much of the foundation and quite frankly it is too expensive to waste. I rub it in really well and it covers all my acne scarring and red patches perfectly. I find no need to use a concealer on my acne scars, but I do need to use a colour correcting one for the dark circles under my eyes. 

The foundation sets to a matte finish, which can make the skin look a little one-dimensional so I always make sure to contour. Even though it is matte, I still like to use a setting powder and at the moment I am using Rimmel Stay Matte. When I use the two together my foundation is perfect 8 hours later. Other foundations pale in comparison and barely last 6 hours on my skin before being absorbed.

Even though Double Wear offers such high coverage, I don't find this foundation cakey in the slightest. I use a small amount all over my face and then go over the areas that need more coverage. I do find you need to work quite quickly, as it does set to a matte finish pretty quickly.

I highly recommend this foundation to anyone with normal to oily skin, who want a matte finish that lasts ages.

A little summary of my thoughts on Estee Lauder Double Wear...


  • Extremely long lasting
  • Matte Finish
  • Good colour match and extensive shade range
  • May not need to use a concealer as it is high/full coverage
  • Does not irritate my sensitive skin
  • Clings to dry patches, so may not be good for those with dry skin
  • Expensive, £27.50 for 30ml
  • Need to apply quickly as it sets fast

Gem x


  1. Lovely post Gem! I've heard so many good things about this foundation but have sensitive skin that's always breaking out so it's nice to know that it hasn't effected you too much :) will defo have to try it out! Great review again! Xxxx

  2. I use double wear with Rimmel's stay matte too and find the combination perfect :) Although I apply with with my real techniques stippling brush.
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  3. I love this foundation! The double wear light is perfect too as is the bb cream! I have really bad skin and find the Estée Lauder products are the only things I can get away with.



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