Thursday, 6 December 2012

TK Maxx Haul: Jemma Kidd Back Stage Makeup Set

I have only recently discovered the amazingness of TK Maxx. I have always known about it, but I have always dismissed it as a bit of a jumble sale. When I was 15, me and my friends used to spend our Saturdays shopping in the nearest city, and we would always call into TK Maxx and have a good laugh at how awful some of the clothes in there were.

But I have now realised it is a Mecca for beauty enthusiasts who love a bargain, aka me. I picked up an Orly set a few weeks back and earlier in the week got the Jemma Kit Backstage Kit.

Its like a grown up version of the make-up set I used to have as a kid. It comes with a primer, colour correcting concealers, a cream highlight, eye shadows, blush and a setting powder. Basically everything you could need, in a neat little set.

I got it for £7.99 and I am really glad I bought it. I love everything in there, especially the eye and lip primer and the pink colour corrector for under my eyes.

I would definitely reccomend this if your TK Maxx has it in stock.

Here is a stock photo of the kit, as I managed to drop mine on the floor and smash the setting powder, so wanted a pretty picture on the blog.

And mine, a bit messy... Smashed and I was a bad blogger and swatched before the pics haha.

Have you had any TK Maxx bargains recently?

Gem x


  1. Love TK Maxx, ive picked up quite a few OPI nail colours recently xx



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