Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bloggers Share The Love #1

Following on from my last post, here is my Bloggers Share The Love post.

I only decided to do this series tonight, so I have had to have a good think and try to remember my favourite posts of the week. I have an awful memory so I may have missed some out. Next week I will be more thorough. I am going to choose three favourite posts and one Favourite Find.

Favourite Posts of the Week 

1. Ramblings of a Beauty Bird - My Current Top 5 Makeup Products Under 5 Pounds
This post was only published today, but it was my favourite of the week. As you know I really love a bargain, so this post was perfect for me. I really enjoyed the suggestions and now have a few more products on my ever growing list of make up I must try.

2. Big Fashionista - So pay me maybe?
I loved this post. It made me laugh and lightened my day a little, everything you need for a great post!

3. Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog - 5 Micellar Waters 
I really want to try a Micellar water and this blog post was so informative and made me want to try them even more. The post was so well written and researched, I loved it.

Favourite Find

Cute Polish -
I discovered Cute Polish this week while searching for nail tutorials. I have been getting into nails lately and needed some inspiration so googled and found this amazing YouTuber. I think I am a bit late to the party as she already has over 600,000 subscribers (wow) and I can totally see why.

Great Giveaway
The Cameras Lying - Nars Orgasm Giveaway
An amazing giveaway with the chance to win, you guessed it, Nars Orgasm blush. I have always wanted to try this blush but cant justify paying £20 for a blush at the moment, so to have a chance at winning it is great.

And a special link to Alison from Maliberry Makeup for inspiring this idea :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have checked out some of my links. Let me know if you do,
Gem x


  1. Oh my, thanks so much for including my blog in your favourite posts - I'm honoured! :)

    Nic xx

    1. No problem :) I found your post so helpful and informative x

  2. Thank you for the mention ^_^ x

  3. This is a great idea for a post checking all the links out now :) x

  4. Thank you sooooo much for including my post on here and for your lovely comment! :-) really honoured! Xxx



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