Friday, 25 May 2012

May GlossyBox Anniversary Edition

I bought into the hype again and re-subbed to Glossy box to get their Anniversary box. I thought it would be a good one seeing as it is being called the Anniversary edition. I was wrong. I am totally underwhelmed with my box, even if it hadn't been hyped I would still feel the same.

I got two samples that I could have picked up from any department store myself and ANOTHER shower gel ( I don't even have a shower haha). I think it is quite safe to say I am going to be cancelling my subscription and just keeping Jolie Box as I have been satisfied with the two I have had and I gather their customer service is excellent from my experience.

I Know some people got HD Brows products that are worth around £20 in their box. I think it is unfair that there are such variations in the value of products in the boxes.

So here is what I got in this months Glossy Box

Noble Isle Summer Rinsing Shower/Bath Gel, worth £6, full size (250ml) £20
Blah, another mini shower gel to add to my collection!

Eldora False Lashes Full Sized Product worth £3.90
I do quite like these, they look quite natural and not too over the top, they will get used.

Lolita Lempicka Perfume Samples, not worth anything really as you can get these for free.
I do quite like the smell of them and will use them, maybe take them on holiday with me. But receiving tiny perfume samples in a box which claims to give you luxury samples does not fill me with joy.

Apivita Express Beauty Masks, worth £3.50
I am not a lover of skin care as I have such sensitive skin. I will give it a go though I suppose.

OSMO Berber Oil Hair Treatment, worth £2 full size (100ml) £19.99
I have an OSMO hair mask that I got from the hairdresser and wasn't that impressed. I am quite curious to try this as I do like hair oils but I think the sample could have been more generous that a little 10ml.

So all together my box was worth £15.40, and other people had a product in their box worth £20. Not impressed Glossy Box! I did think the little extras of a mirror and balloon, and the tissue paper were nice touches though.

Did you get a Glossy Box this month? What did you think of it?

Gem x


  1. I'm cancelling as I don't feel its fair to have so much variation and the box was a let down.
    I agree joliebox are much more reliable and I'm so happy with them.

  2. I never signed up for Glossybox, I like the idea of getting samples every month. I think it can be a bit of a disappointment though when people are getting much better boxes than you you know xxx

  3. i cancelled mine cos i didnt think it was worth the money anymore :( i got some cool things in the past tho :)

    great blog! new follower from #bbloggers



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