Saturday, 15 February 2014

Juice to U 3 Day Detox Review

If you are a regular reader you may be aware of my attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and loose weight.
I saw on twitter that Juice To U were looking for bloggers to review their three day detox so I put myself forward and I was very luckily chosen.

It is believed that there are many benefits to detoxing which include weight loss, healthy skin, and clarity of mind. I wanted to try it to see if it could boost my weight loss, and the added benefits would be great too.

A little about Juice To U taken from their website

Juice To U is a totally natural and fantastic prepared juice detox service using fresh, local produce and is delivered to your door. The Juice To U detox programe consists of 4 juices per day with a 3 hour period in-between juices.
The Juice To U 3 day detox or 5 day detox will leave you feeling fully revitalised, refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated. Your mind and skin will be left clear and not forgetting the weight loss!
The Juice To U team have masterminded the juices which ooze with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and that goodness your body requires for a healthy body and mind.
Our delivery day is Tuesday between 8am and 6pm, please refrigerate your juices immediately ready to begin your detox on Wednesday. Please note, we recommend at least 2 litres of water per day. You can drink fruit tea however, green tea is not allowed as it contains caffeine. We strongly advise no exercise during your detox due to energy levels been low.
The feeling of tiredness, nausea, sickness and headaches are to be expected when you are detoxing, this is due to your body releasing the toxins within your system.
I tried out the three day detox so I had twelve juices delivered; four for each day of the detox. They came by courier and were nicely packaged with ice packs so were still nice and cold when they arrived. They had even included two lemons to add to your daily water (2 litres a day is advised). 
There was three different variations of juice to be drank four times a day; Clean Green at 9am, Lets Glow at 12pm, Clean Green at 3pm, and Berry Good at 6pm. Clean Green was my least favorite, it didn't taste nice but it wasn't disgusting. 
I found the first day the hardest. I was struggling with my hunger and by 2pm I was very hungry indeed. I felt a little weak and had a niggling headache for most of the day but I persevered. I decided to go to bed at around 8.30pm, partly due to the fact I was very tired, but mostly it was to stop myself heading to the biscuit cuboid and ruining it. 
The second day I woke up feeling quite sick and the hunger had subsided. I could hardly stomach the first juice of the day but after that they went down a little easier. By 6pm I was really hungry and the sickness had worn off. Again I was feeling tired and went to bed at 9 which is unusual for me.
On the third day I woke up feeling OK, still not great and I don't think I had any increased energy levels. I noticed that my stomach was a lot less bloated and I could feel that I had already lost some weight. The juices went down fine and I had a lot of motivation as I knew this was the last day.
At the end of the detox I weighed myself and I had lost 6lbs. My stomach was a lot less bloated and my skin did look a little more radiant.
I think that the Juice to U three day detox would be great for someone who is looking for a boost with loosing weight, or if  they have a special occasion coming up or a holiday as it really helps with bloating. Its not easy and it does take a lot of willpower, but it is only three days and there are significant results. 
The detox costs £79 for three days, if you would like to find out more visit the Juice to U website here
Have you ever tried a detox before?
Gem x


  1. this sounds like a great idea and it actually worked! little pricey though for juice ha (: x

  2. I've been wanting to try these for ages now but I haven't been to sure whether to buy them or not! x



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