Monday, 4 November 2013

Are You The Most Annoying Facebook User

Facebook are going to be celebrating their tenth birthday in 2014, but although most of us haven't been using it as long as that, we are still starting to experience a few irritations about the social networking site.
Worst of all, are the users – our so called 'friends'. There always seems to be at least a handful of them that cause severe annoyance – to the point where we're tempted to block the user from our newsfeed. Or worse still, remove them as a friend altogether. It's handy that we at least have this option on facebook, as in real life, we just have to put up with those people that annoy us the most.
In this fun infographic which the website,, has put together to demonstrate the results of a survey they carried out, you can see a list of the top ten most irritating facebook types. These include the friend from when you were two trying to befreind you on facebook, when you haven't seen them for twenty years; the person to constantly posts photos of the food they are eating, as well as those terribly annoying people who are always updating their facebook status, no matter how little their updates will be of interest to anyone else.

Have you managed to escape the top ten, or can you recognise some of your own facebook behaviour in some of these? If so, careful, as you may suddenly find your number of friends going down!

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