Monday, 14 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Review and Lip Swatches - Pink Punch & Cherry Me

After taking more than a month off due to personal reasons, I'm Back!

 I have lots of lovely makeup and fashion-y things I want to share with you, but I thought for my first post I would share my thoughts on something I have been absolutely loving lately.

These have been hyped up a lot within the blogging world, but from the blogs I follow I have seen mainly negative reviews. I absolutely love these lip balms, they feel really moisturizing and smell amazing.

The colour is buildable: I swipe them on my lips a few times to get the maximum effect but if you wanted less colour just swipe once. Excuse the mug shots, but I wanted to show the product on the lips and how lovely they look!

Side note: I am wearing Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the pictures, I have rediscovered my love for it. It photographs beautifully and looks great in person - it is such an underrated foundation!

They are very moisturizing and feel lovely on the lips. The moisturizing effect doesn't last an amazing length of time, but if I don't eat or drink it lasts around 3 hours.

For £2.99 these are great, and I thoroughly recommend these two colours. I want to pick up the remaining colours and then maybe try the colourless one. I have tried a lot of lip balms, and I can safely say that these are my favorite!

Have you tried these yet?

Gem x


  1. oooh will pick one of these up, great for a natural look at work.

    1. I love them, Id recommend Cherry Me for a natural look :) x

  2. These look so pretty on you, and wow that foundation looks lovely in those photos.

  3. Ohh they look lovely on you! The colours are actually gorgeous. I was debating on getting one of the baby lips, because I've seen so many mixed reviews. I guess I'll just have to try it out, especially after seeing the colours you picked up.

    - Leanne x

  4. I have cherry me and I'm really impressed too. I think I will pick more up at some point. x



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