Saturday, 25 May 2013

Travel Supermarket Beauty and the Beach 2 Competition

Travel Supermarket have a brilliant competition running for us beauty loving bloggers.They are challenging us to show them our favourite holiday looks for makeup, hair and nails. The overall prize is an amazing £1500 towards a holiday! To find out more go here >>

When I am on holiday I like to keep my makeup to a minimum. Heavy eye liner and thick foundation just don't look right to me when your are away. I love to see radiant skin and fresh colours. 
Evening look
The first look I created is one I would wear during the evening, maybe for cocktails by the pool. I used my Naked 2 palette to create the eye look, It is the perfect palette for travelling. I used Boots Botanicals BB Cream as a base, it has an SPF of 35 and I would highly recommend it for holidays. It gives great coverage and looks really glowy without being too shiny. I used Rimmel Waterproof liner in my waterline and No7 Waterproof mascara. For the cheeks I used Bourjois cream blush in 02, another product perfect for taking away as it applies amazingly well without the need for a brush. I used MAC shy girl on my lips and Benefit Browzings on my eyebrows. I finished with a light sweep of VIVOs baked bronzer on my cheeks, nose and forehead for a sunkissed glow. 

Day Look
Obviously when I am by the pool I wear no makeup at all, but if I am out and about during the day I do like to wear it. I really keep my makeup to a minimum and concentrate on making my skin look radiant and sun kissed. For this look again I used Boots Botanicals BB Cream and the Naked 2 palette. I used Foxy on the lid and No7 Waterproof mascara.  On the cheeks I used Bourjois cream blush in 02 and Vivo baked bronzer. For the lips I used Revlon lip gloss in Petal Peach on top of a sunblock for face and lips. My lips burn easily in the sun so this is an important step.


My hair gets really frizzy and unmanageable in the heat, and straighteners or curling wands don't do anything to help it so I mostly always tie my hair up when I am on holiday. When I think of holiday hair I think of braids, and I love this messy braided up do. It looks equally as good around the pool or in the evening and best of all it keeps my unruly hair at bay. To create it, I just French braided across my head, secured with a clear elastic and then created the messy bun using another clear elastic. Its really easy to create and you don't even need a mirror as you want a messy effect.

These nails are based on strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. I love how cute and eye catching they are and think they are really fun to wear on holiday. They will definitely be a conversation starter, I wore these out the other day and had lots of compliments on them. They are so easy to recreate. I used a hair grip as a dotting tool to create dots, then joined them up with a tooth pick to create the chocolate sauce effect. Make sure to seal them with a good top coat as you want them to last the whole holiday. I used Seche Vite.

So there are my looks I hope you like them :) We are asked to tag 5 other bloggers to take part so I tag;

Gem x 

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  1. Love all of this :-) I'm so boring with my hair - it's either up or down, with the occasional grip!! Thank you for tagging me! xx



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