Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Hopes for 2013

Blog & Beauty Related
Comment more on other bloggers blogs
Try and use more of my makeup stash before buying new products
Post more FOTD and OOTD
Keep on posting NOTD and hopefully they will improve
Buy myself some proper nail art tools
Try and go foundation free for at least two days a week
Keep blogging as I am, when I feel like and keep enjoying it

Re-join Slimming world and stick to it this time
Loose 2 stone by the end of 2013
Have more belief in myself
Spend more quality time playing/baking/arts and crafts with my children

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  1. I've definitely got the same blogging new years resolution when it comes to posting more FOTD and OOTD's!! :)
    Love the blog, i'm your newest follower.
    Nicolle x
    Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

  2. They're all great commitments to have! I posted mine too, the one i had about getting up earlier (i dont think i put that one on the blog) has already gone out the window lol! Good luck with yours! x x x

  3. Ah, going without foundation for 2 days a week would be a struggle for me! Does BB cream count?! Haha. ;p

    Good luck with your goals and Happy new year!


  4. I'm also planning to do more ootd posts this year, I'm aiming for 1 a month. Good luck with everything :) x



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