Saturday, 29 December 2012

What I got for Christmas :)

I have loved reading other peoples posts about what they have received for Christmas, so decided to do my own. I was a little apprehensive about posting as what I received compared to some is hardly anything, but I am so pleased and thankful for my gifts I decided to post anyway.

Christmas for me is all about my two little ones now, and me and my fiancé decided to only give small gifts to each other so we could spend more on our boys. The memory of my 3 year old coming into my bedroom on Christmas morning and shouting with glee 'Santas been' will stay with me forever. I had a fantastic day with my family, and I hope you all did too.

Here is what I got:

Yankee Candles from my Fiancé and children, watch from my parents and a Baylis and Harding gift set from my Aunt.

I love Yankee Candles and have always bought myself the small samplers as I couldn't justify the price of buying any of the jars, so it was lovely to receive one as a gift as I have always wanted to own one.

The watch was a lovely surprise from my mum. I had been given money off her so wasn't expecting a gift. We were out shopping and I saw this and told her I loved it but couldn't afford it. Unbeknown to me, she went back the next day and got it. So sweet.

I always love getting smellies for Christmas, I used to get loads but since having kids I don't really receive gifts for myself any more. Not that I mind, but it was lovely to receive this so I could give myself a little pampering session.

I also got money and chocolates from my grandparents, which was very much apprecitated. Watch out for a sales haul coming soon!

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and have an amazing New Year! I am really looking forward to seeing all the New Years makeup / nails / outfit posts!

Gem x


  1. This is my fave candle, it's amazing isn't it!

    Paula xx

  2. ooh you got some lovely things! I'm impressed with the Baylis & Harding range I got one of their gift sets too. I've done a Christmas presents post on my blog too if you want to look it's
    Hope you had a great day

  3. That candle is the best! Lush xx

  4. I've done one of these posts pop over to my blog and have a look

  5. I got a jar Yankee candle too, was so excited when I opened it. Glad to hear you enjoyed your xmas :) x

  6. Your gifts look great! Im glad you decided to do the post, i think sometimes the bloggers who get the moon on a stick tend to put everyone else off, then it gives this impression that we're all getting sackloads of expensive designer goods for Christmas! I was admittedly spoiled as I always am (no crazy crazy expensive presents but I'm glad about that as nobody around me has that sort of money) but this year in particular I couldn't help but think how amazing it'll be to have my own kids and put all the effort into their presents and making their day special (no kids for me just yet but hopefully its not too far away!) and how when I have kids of my own I won't be that interested in presents for me, instead it'll be about their faces on the day and about watching whatever the equivalent of Room on the Broom will be when my time for motherhood comes!

  7. You have got to love Yankee Candles. Great presents. :) x

  8. That was so nice of your mam to go back and get the watch!
    I love Yankees but they are expensive, they're such a great gift to receive. x

  9. Yankee Candles are great to give as a gift, they're not crazily expensive but are rather too much to spend on yourself!

  10. Great gifts, Yankee candles look and sound fantastic!!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

  11. I love Yankee Candles!! You've got some great gifts there :) Happy 2013!! Ixx

  12. I love Yankee! I have an obession with the Yankee tarts! x



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