Sunday, 2 December 2012

November Favourites

So the 1st of December is hear already! I am really looking forward to Christmas and New Year now, but I haven't even started the shopping yet, oops.

My skin has been suffering from the cold and the central heating this month, resulting in it becoming much drier than usual, so a few of the products mentioned have been great for moisturising and brightening up my skin.

Here are the products that I have been loving this November;

1. Morrisons Sensitive Toner - I bought this as it was 59p. I didnt have much hope, but it has really improved my skin. It is much brighter, and it really helps my moisturiser to sink into my skin.

2. Benefit That Gal full review here - I know I have included it before, but I just love it so much and have used it almost every day this month. Its amazing for brightening up dull dry skin, and also over foundation for my dark circles.

3. Barry M Nail Pain in Amethyst Glitter review and swatches here - Such a pretty, opaque glitter polish, perfect for Christmas.

4. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer - A creamy concealer, really works well when my skin is drier than usual. I use this on my spots and acne scars as I find it a little too heavy coverage for under my eyes.

5. Amie Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser SPF 15* - This moisturiser is brilliant to brighten up dull skin. My skin looks radiant after I have used it. It smells amazing and is such good value too.

What products have you been loving this month?

Gem x


  1. Might have to try out that moisturiser, I've been using the same one for a year and my skin is pretty dull :/x

  2. I've just used up my That Gal mini as I've been using it every day too - thankfully I have another waiting though :-) xx

    1. If I can't find a cheaper alternative, I'm going to have to purchase full size. I love it so much :) x

  3. wow did the morrisons toner really help? if it did, that's amazing!

    1. Yes, my skin has definitely improved
      :) I'm going to try a more natural one next, there are a lot of nasties in it unfortunately x

  4. The nail polish looks super pretty!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life



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