Sunday, 25 November 2012

What Was In My Travel Makeup Bag?

I am such an over packer, I always have been. I was only going away for 5 days but managed to take about a months worth of clothes with me. On the Make up side of things, I thought I did pretty well. Though, I did have to spend about an hour whittling down my selection of make up to take with me, and it was really painful to do it.

Here's what I eventually decided to take with me...

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - My skin was great before I left so I had planned on using my BB cream. I brought this as a back up in case my skin flared up and unfortunately it did. Must have been the French water...One time when being an over-packer comes in handy.
  • Garnier BB Cream Oil Free - As above, I had planned on using this but had to use a foundation instead as my skin broke out in painful cystic acne. 
  • Rimmel Gel Eyeliner - I used this to create a chic cat eye, I was in France after all.
  • That Gal Primer - Used under my foundation as a primer and over it around my eyes to disguise dark circles.
  • Rimmel Blush - Really old, unsure of shade name and pretty sure its now discontinued. Its just a pretty pink which can be used mixed or separate. I used the darker colour to contour.
  • Revlon Photo Ready Concealer - Used to conceal my spots.
  • Carmex Lip Balm - A life saver as I was spending hours everyday outside in the cold. This is an amazing lip balm that does what it says on the tin. 
  • Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara - My current favourite mascara, could not leave the country without it. 
  • Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake - I knew my lips were going to get chapped, so I decided to pack this. Combined with the Carmex my lips were actually ok. I used a small layer of this to give a sheer wash of colour to my lips. 
  • Naked 2 Palette - I used the light brown shade for my eyebrows and the lightest matte colour to even out my lids. 

For a make up addict, I think that's pretty good packing, don't you think?

Gem x


  1. Great post!
    I'm going on holiday and I need to sort out the basics I want to take, so this is quite helpful actually! xo

    1. Great! This is the first time I have packed sensibly haha :) x

  2. You did well lol xx

  3. I'm pretty sure that Rimmel blush is Autumn Catwalk, I have the same one and really like it :) Love this post, I think you took the perfect amount for 5 days away, it is always good to have more than one base in case your skin goes crazy, mine always does too!

    1. I have had it a while, the writing has rubbed off! I love the fact you can mix the colours or use them separate, perfect for taking away then. Sad to see they have discontinued these blushes xx

  4. That's utterly amazing for FIVE days?! I took more than that for an overnight stay because I couldn't make up my mind...I took FOUR lipsticks for example. I'm tres impressed :P well done!


    1. Haha thank you! I think if I was going somewhere other than Disneyland, I would have had to take a few more lippies xx

  5. I think that's pretty good for 5 days! I would take Benefit That Gal too to put on my dark circles.xx

    1. It's great isn't it? Really brightens under the eyes. I was planning on taking an under eye concealer but totally forgot. Luckily I don't suffer too bad with dark circles. The revlon concealer is too thick for under my eyes



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