Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MUA Eyebrow Palette Review


I love MUA cosmetics. Their products are so affordable and great quality and I cant recommend them enough. I was so excited to see that they had brought out an eyebrow kit I just knew I had to get it.

My eyebrows are not my best asset. They are sparse and quite thin, I would love gorgeous thick brows. I like to fill my eyebrows in, and before I bought this kit I was using a light brown eye shadow to fill them.

The kit comes with a dark brown, a light brown, a highlight and a brow wax. It also includes a little double ended angled brush and a mini tweezers. So handy!

Since my hair is blonde, I use the lightest colour to fill my brows. The powder is a good match for me and lasts pretty much all day. I think the dark brown will come to use as an eye shadow for me.

The highlight shade is a bit of a fail for me. It is matte and has an orangey tone to it. I am quite pale so it would look really strange on me if I used it as a highlight. It may work better for those of you with a darker skin tone than me.

My eyebrows are quite sparse so aren't unruly in the slightest. I did try using the wax and I found that it didn't really do anything for my brows except make the shadow on them appear darker. I think it could work well for someone who has unruly brows though.

I love the packaging and the size of the mirror inside the compact is great. I love the little brush and tweezers. I find they work great for me although when I am at home I will be using my Too Faced angled brush with the kit as it is such an amazing brush for eyebrows.

Overall, this is a great eyebrow kit and a great price. I would recommned this to everyone. Even if you are not dark brunette or blonde. You can mix all the colours together to get your perfect brow shade.

The Palette retails for £3.50 and is available from Superdrug and MUA cosmetics website.

Gem x


  1. I bought this a couple of weeks ago but yet to get round to trying it out, great to see a post about it, thanks :) x

  2. Great palette and what a bargain!!

  3. oh wowww MUA never fails to surprise me!

  4. I love MUA products, even though they are cheap they're really good for price!

    1. Yes, I love most of their products too. I have been loving their lipsticks lately too :)

  5. i love how inexpensive they are .. but i have yet to buy anything from them! :(


  6. I really want to try this, it sounds really good and I like it comes with the tweezers haha! Always up for a freebie. I can never find a good eyebrow kit I end up using dark eyeshadows.

    Jessica xo



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