Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art: Cute Frankenstein

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know of my love for cute nail art. So, why should my Halloween nails be any different?

 I was thinking of doing gory nails, like the ones that look like dripping blood, but I am such a wimp these probably would have freaked me out! I was browsing Halloween nail art ideas on Google and came across a few blogs who had done these cute Frankenstein design on all the nails, but I decided to do two franks and the rest of my nails like stitches.

I love them and I love Frank, he's really cute! I will definitely be sporting these nails come Halloween, there's no doubt!

What are you painting your nails like for Halloween?

Gem x


  1. They are fabulous!


  2. Love the little Frankenstein faces! I showed my boyfriend this and he said "mint!" :-) xx

  3. ha love these halloween nails! New follower :) xx

    1. Thanks, and thanks for following too :) x

  4. These are so so so cute! Love them! I was thinking of trying out a cute little pumpkin design :-)

  5. I wanted to do a pumpkin too but haven't had the time :( x

  6. i know, i am just a tad late in commenting. I read it at the time it was published, favorited in my reader but only got round commenting now. oops. this is such a cute manicure. i just want to stroke the hair of frankie
    liloo/@tsunimee xx



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