Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Aragan Oil Leave-in Treatment Review

I love Avon, but I don't really read much about their products on other blogs. I bought this hair oil when it was on an introductory offer. I had it for £3, which I think is a bargain.  I also got the masque and shampoo & conditioner so keep an eye out for those reviews coming soon.

Firstly, a little background on my hair type...

I have thick and straight shoulder length hair. It is highlighted, and I have been doing so since I was 13, so that is over 10 years! My hair isn't in too bad condition considering, but it is not shiny or soft by any stretch of the imagination. I would say it is borderline dry, and slightly heat damaged from my straighteners and blow drying on a high heat.

The Review...

The oil comes nicely packaged in a pump-style bottle, which pumps out just the right amount of product. The amount you get (30mls) is a not a lot, but as you only need a small amount, it will last you a long time.

I have tried a few hair oils now (thanks Glossybox) and this one is on the thicker side of things, so I rub it in my hands to warm it up and then distribute through my hair, concentrating on the ends. I use two pumps for my hair as it is thick, with normal hair I think you could get away with one.

The product smells amazing, and the scent sticks around on my hair for a while too. The results are great, my hair is smoother and much less frizzy. Used with the shampoo and conditioner the results are even better.

I also use this oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and it is absolutely great for this. I just applied a liberal amount to dry, unwashed hair and left for 30 minutes. I then washed and conditioned my hair as usual and then applied a small amount more to my towel dried hair. Well, the results were amazing. My hair has never looked in better condition! I definitely recommend trying this, if like me your hair needs a little TLC.

Another way I use this oil is to create a sleek pony tail. I just use a small amount through the hair in the pony and it leaves it looking really smooth and sleek. It really is multi-purpose!

Overall, a great hair oil for people on a budget. I have not tried the original Moroccan Oil, so I cant compare the two unfortunately  but this one works great for me. I see no need to spend £30+ when I can get great results for a fiver!

You can order this oil from Avons website or through a representative (like I did). It is usually £5.50, but is currently £3.50 on offer.

Have you tried this?

Gem x


  1. I have wanted to try this for while so will definately be ordering thanks to your review :)


    1. It's worth trying, especially now it is on offer :) x

  2. That's such a good price! xx

  3. I've got a sample of this to try x

    1. I look forwar to hearing your thoughts on it .:) x

  4. I love this product! makes my hair feel so silky and shiny.

    Marisha Wick
    Jamaican Black Castor



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