Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Simple Daisy Nail Art

easy nail art

I found this really simple nail art tutorial on the lovely Holly Arabella Blog. Link to direct blog post here.
It is really simple to do and the end result is lovely.

I originally wanted my ring finger nails to have the daisy on, but they didn't work out too well so I did them on the middle nail instead. I also found doing my left hand difficult (left handed) my hands were very unsteady but with a little patients it turned out well in the end.

I used Nails inc Bluebell for the base coat, Boots 17 white polish for the petals and Collection 2000 Orange Punch for the centre of the flower, but it would look great using any colours you want.

For the daisy, you have to wait until the base colour is completely dry. Then paint an L shape in the white colour. Wait for that to dry then paint a diagonal line in the middle. Then wait for that to dry and paint the dot for the centre. It does take a bit of time waiting for the polishes to dry but it is worth it for the end result.

Have you come across any good nail art tutorials recently?

Gem x



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