Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clynol Repair Revive Shampoo and Leave-in Instant Keratin Filler Reveiw

Clynol Repair Review

I'm going to start by giving you a little background on my hair type. I have thick, highlighted, shoulder length hair. I have been highlighting my hair every 5 months or so for 10 years and my hair is in pretty good condition considering, although it is a little dry on the ends. As my hair is so thick, it does tend to get a little frizzy, nothing major though, and it is difficult to style and keep in place without a ton of products. I wash my hair every other day and always use a conditioner.

Clynol are a brand I have only recently become aware of. They are a professional hair-care brand, created and shaped by stylists and is available in salons and on-line. I received the Repair shampoo* and Leave in Keratin Treatment* to review., which are part of the new Clynol Repair Range which has been formulated for dry, damaged hair. 

The first time I used the shampoo and treatment, skipping my usual conditioner as I wanted to test out the two products on their own. For my hair, without the addition of a conditioner the two products didn't give my hair enough moisture and left it feeling a little dry. I decided to try the two products along with my normal conditioner and I must say they worked much better. My hair was left feeling smooth and tamed and my ends felt less dry. Clynol do a conditioner in this range and I think I may have saw even better results with the Recovery conditioner. 

Revive Shampoo RRP £8.90
I like this shampoo. The packaging is very sleek and professional looking, completely what you would expect from a Salon professional brand. The smell is gorgeous, sweet and floral and it is the longest lasting scent I have experienced with a shampoo. Usually I wash my hair and the scent fades pretty much as soon as my hair is dry. With the Clynol Revive shampoo the scent lasted two days until I washed my hair again. I was walking along wondering who's perfume I could smell when I realised that it was my hair. The scent alone makes this product a winner for me. The shampoo used in conjunction with a conditioner leaves my hair feeling smooth and under control. Usually my hair is a little frizzy but this controlled it a lot used along with the Leave-in treatment. 

Leave-in Instant Keratin Filler RRP £10.15
This product contains liquid keratin, which is part of the basic structure of hair. It is meant to strengthen and reduce breakage by up to 95%. I cant comment on long term use of this product at the moment but from the short while I have been using it I really like it. Used in conjunction with the Shampoo and my usual conditioner this left my hair feeling really smooth. You apply this to towel dried hair after washing and on application I could feel a difference, it left my hair really soft and under control. Like the shampoo I absolutely love the smell of this product and it is very long lasting too which I like.

I really enjoyed using these two products and I could definitely feel a difference after the first use along with my usual conditioner. The scent of the product is a big plus for me as it is gorgeous and long lasting. Both products offer protection from heat and the damage caused by colouring hair, which I really need as my hair is coloured and I use heat styling tools on it often. I am going to continue to use both products to see whether long term they will give me the results. 

Gem x


  1. I love Clynol they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. Kate x

    1. I think I will have to try some more of their products :) thanks x



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