Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lauren Conrad Inspired Hair Using Silhouette (Competition Entry)

Imediate PR are holding a competition over on twitter, where a group of bloggers were sent three products from Schwarzkopfs new range of hair products designed for coloured hair. The range is called Sihouette and the products we were sent were the Colour Brilliance Strong Hold Hairspray, Mousse and Extreme Gloss Spray. With the products, we were challenged to recreate a celebrity hairstyle of our choice.

If I was given the choice to have any Celebrities hair, it would be Lauren Conrads. Her hair always looks amazing but still relaxed. So When I had to chose a celebrities hair to recreate, there was no doubt I would chose hers.

I chose this look in particular as it looks really glamorous with the volume at the top, but the loose curls make it look effortless. Although it does take a bit of effort, with the right tools it is quite an easy hairstyle to achieve.

Heres how I did it:

  1. Before drying, use a golf ball sized amount (for thick long hair) of Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse. Dry then curl hair. I used  my Babyliss Curling Wand. Concentrate on the underneath of the hair as the top section will be pulled back.
  2. To get a more relaxed curl, run fingers through hair, then spray with Silhouette Colour Brilliance strong Hold Hairspray.
  3. Take a triangle section of hair from the back and backcomb. Spray the hair that has been backcombed with Silhouette Colour Brilliance Hairspray. Clip into place.
  4. Smooth the top layer of hair over the backcombed section very gently, until you get somethibng like picture 4.Then take two sections of hair from either side and clip in place. Spray generously with Silhouette Hairspray. Then use Silhouette Colour Brilliance Extreme Gloss Spray to give a lovely finishing shine to the look.
It is really quite difficult to take pictures of your own hair. I think I may need to invest in a tripod. Here are a few more shots from different angles so you get more of an idea of the finished look: 

  • Silhouette Colour Brilliance Strong Hold Hairspray - This hairspray has been especially formulated for coloured hair. It has a UV filter and helps to prevent colour fading. This is great for me as I colour my hair regularly and always find that my colour fades quite quickly. It is not at all sticky and holds the curls really well.
  • Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse - I used this mousse after I had washed and towel dried my hair. I used a golf ball sized amount as I have very thick long hair.If you have thin shorter hair I would suggest using less than this. My hair was so much more under control after using this. I found it was much less frizzy and helped my hair curl nicely. The mousse also has a UV filter in it to help protect coloured hair.
  • Silhouette Colour Brilliance Extreme Gloss Spray - No self respecting Celebrity would be seen without glossy shiny hair. My hair is not very shiny at all, so this product helped give a bit of a shine to my hair. It doesn't make it greasy at all, just gives a nice shine to the hair. 
  • Babyliss Curling Wand - for the curls
  • Normal Hairbrush (mines from Primark)
  • Hair grips

I really love the way this hairstyle turned out. I wore it on a night out and it made me feel quite glamorous. My style lasted all night and the curls stayed put nicely, but brushed out easily at the end of the night. 

What do you think of my hairstyle? Have you entered the competition? If you have leave your link below, Id love to have a look.

Gem x


  1. Ah your hair looks fab. I've entered too, I was tempted to do a Lauren Conrad look but I went for Carrie Underwood. I love that you've got a similar hair colour to Lauren - your finished look is practically identical.
    Here's my link :) xx

  2. Aw thanks :) Your entry's great too, love it x



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