Friday, 29 June 2012

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette Review and EOTD

I was going through my make-up stash the other day and came across this. I have had it for a while now and I haven't really used it much as I should. I have been stuck in a neutrals rut when it comes to eye shadow lately, so I decided to do a little review on it, along with a look. Read on to find out more :)

I really like this palette. There is a nice variety of colours and you can create pretty pastel feminine looks along with darker more sultry ones.

The packaging, as is the case with all Too Faced products, is gorgeous. I also own Naked and Natural eye but this packaging is by far my favourite, its lovely and I like to leave it out on my dressing table.

The palette contains 9 shadows with the ones that will be used all over the lid containing the most product. The shadows are grouped in rows; Day, Classic, and Fashion, and have corresponding instruction cards with an idea of how to wear them. This is great for people just starting out in make-up, and for people who need a little inspiration.

  • Day:
    • Soul mates - a cream with slight yellow undertones. Slight shimmer and glitter 
    • I Do - a grey taupe
    • Un-Veil - a very dark brown
  • Classic: 
    • Kiss the Bride - a light matte pastel pink
    • Cut the Cake - a cool toned light purple, slight shimmer
    • First Dance- dark purple, again cool toned.
  • Fashion
    • Bouquet Toss - a greeny beige colour
    • Honey Moon - an olive gold with a lot of shimmer
    • Ever After - a dark brown, slightly more warm toned than Un-Veiled with lots of shimmer and glitter.

These are the best I could get the swatches as the weather has been bad all day. The lighter shadows are less pigmented than the darker ones, but I think this is great as you can have a very subtle wash of colour, or you can build it up for a little bit more pop. They have a soft and buttery texture and blend like a dream, just make sure to tap/blow off the excess on your brush before applying as there is a little bit of fallout, nothing major.

 The only one I had a slight issue with was kiss the Bride (light pink) as my eyelids have quite a lot of pink in them already, and it did look a bit like I had pinkeye before I took these steps: I use an eye shadow primer and then apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk all over my lids as a base. I then apply Kiss the Bride and it comes out a lovely pastel pink. 

I did a look using the palette but as the light was so bad, and then my camera died, this was the best of the bunch unfortunately. I used Kiss the Bride all over the lid, Cut the Cake on the outer third of the lid and in the crease and First dance in the outer part of the crease and on the bottom of my lid. I used nyx jumbo pencil in milk as a base along with asda primer, and lined the top lashes with Rimmel gel eye liner. My mascara is Benefit Bad Gal, and I used Eye Bright in the water line and tearduct.

Just like the other Two Faced shadows I own, these last all day with out creasing on me even with out a primer. They are great quality and definitely worth considering for your collection.

Overall a great palette which can be used to create a number of looks. Amazing quality, you wouldn't be disappointed if you purchased this (in my opinion :D)

Overall: 5/5

Do you own any of the Two Faced palettes?

Gem x


  1. I've always wanted to try one put in all honesty the price tag does put me off! I like your review though, so honest. I like that the palette gives loads of different looks and instructs at the same time. Win!

  2. They are quite pricey, I got this as a gift for christmas I couldnt afford to buy it myself outright. But you do get 9 amazing quality shadows for £26, so they work out about £2.50 each. I am trying to save up for the natural at night palette next, it looks great x



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