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Spa Day Treats: What to Take with You* guest post

Spa Day Treats: What to Take with You*
Whether you’re being treated to a spa day by your other half as an early Christmas present, or you’re treating yourself for no other reason than you deserve it, if you’re unfamiliar with how spa days work, they can be a little daunting. What do you need to take with you? What should you expect once you’re there? You’ll probably have a billion questions whizzing through your mind before the day, particularly if you’ve never been to one before. However, despite spas differing greatly, the bare essentials that you should consider taking with you tend to remain the same.
It’s common for women to take two swimsuits with them on a spa day so that they’re not stepping into a wet swimsuit after lunch. If you’re not too confident with your body shape, it may be sensible to take a onepiece for if you use the swimming pool, while reserving the bikini for any treatments and massages you organise – after all, it’s easier to keep bikini bottoms on than it is trying to be massaged in a cozzie! Take a look at George’s range of swimsuits if you don’t already have a suitable swimsuit to take with you.
While they’re not essential, they’re ideal if you’re planning on going for a swim as part of the day. Depending on the spa you are booked into, if you do forget goggles, or decide that you’d like some once you’re there, you can usually buy them from the spa shop or reception.
Check to see what your chosen spa includes for you to use. If they don’t supply them, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel will be handy for when you take a shower. They usually provide a hairdryer though, so don’t worry about taking that along with you.
You will need to take along any hair products or make up that you use though – obviously, this depends on how much you rely on them and whether you’re happy to be seen in public without your face on!
A Fresh Change of Clothes
It can be rather nice to change into a fresh set of clothes once your spa day is over – this is completely up to you though.
A Book
While magazines are usually provided, you may as well put your spa day to good use and take your latest read to catch up on. There’s only so much celebrity gossip you can take, right?

Check with the spa before you go whether a robe and slippers will be provided. They usually are, but sometimes they can carry a surcharge. You’ll be given a locker key on arrival so that all of yourbelongings are safe and secure. Try not to stress or worry about what you should be taking along for your spa day and make sure that it’s as relaxing as it can possibly be, from the very beginning; all that’s left to do then is relax, unwind and enjoy the break!

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