Thursday, 11 October 2012

OSIS+ #RoughVSmooth

Immediate PR is running a competition with Schwarzkopf OSIS+ called #RoughVSmooth and I was lucky enough to get the chance to take part.

I am one of the 12 lucky bloggers who are creating a rough look using the Schwarzkopf Rough rubber paste (There are another 12 who are creating a smooth look using OSIS+ Dry Conditioner). It is a texture paste, which gives your hair a subtle matte effect and strong control. The paste smells amazing, and is easy to work with. At first touch it does actually feel like rubber but once you scoop out a small amount and warm it up a little with your hands it turns into the more familiar paste.

The prize: two VIP tickets to go see Nicki Minaj at the O2. Amazing, right? When it comes to her fashion, makeup and hair, Nicki Minaj never plays it safe and always has a more out-there look. With that in mind I chose to do a messy up do, which for me is out of my comfort zone a little as I usually like to play it very safe when it 

So here is my look:

The do is really easy to achieve, heres how I did it:

  1. I curled my hair using my Babyliss Pearl curling wand
  2. I parted my hair into two sections and added about a pea size amount of OSIS+ Rough Rubber to each side. I scrunched and tousled my hair until I got messy, beachy type curls. My hair ended up looking like the picture above.
  3. Using a clear rubber hair band I put my hair into a side pony.
  4. I pulled a little hair out of the front to frame my face and add to the messy look
  5. Then, using hair pins I pinned my hair into the messy up do. There is no science to where you place the hair as the messier the better, do what you think looks good.
  6. For the final touch add a bit more OSIS+ Rough Rubber to the pinned hair and scrunch.

I love the finished look and will definitely be creating it again. It is perfect for the upcoming party season and would look great jazzed up with the addition of a diamante hair clip. I found the Rough Rubber to hold my hair amazingly well, and even after two days my curls were still present. A first for me as my hair doesn’t hold a curl very well at all!

P.S the lipstick I am wearing in the pictures is of course, MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj :)

Gem x


  1. I love the look! Hope you win :)

    1. Thank you, I have my fingers crossed :) x

  2. Your hair looks lovely! Good luck xx

  3. Your hair looks so lovely and soft, I want to stroke it haha!!
    Best of luck!

    Jo xo



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