Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

Sorry about the stock photo but when I bought these I couldn't wait to try them out and totally forgot about photographing them.

I waited a while to get these brushes as I had to save up, and they were worth the wait! I love all the brushes in this collection but there are some I prefer more than others. My absolute favourite brushes from the collection are the Buffing Brush and the Contour Brush.

Buffing Brush
Takes a while to get used to using if you are like me and used to using your fingers (slap on wrist). Now I wouldn't go back to doing that, this brush gives an even finish and moves liquid foundation around easily. The finish is more medium when using this brush so I use the Stippling brush over areas where I want full coverage. I think it may be better if it was slightly larger, but still a great brush. 

Contour Brush
I use this for contouring and also for blush and it is perfect for both as I like more precision when applying blush. The size is perfect and it picks up product lovely and blends marvellously. 

Detailer Brush
This is the brush I have used the least out of all of them, but it is still good. I use it to apply lipstick, but it can be used for concealer.

Pointed Foundation Brush
I use this for blending in my concealer under my eyes and also to blend my highlighter in. It is too small to use as a foundation brush in my opinion, but very good for the uses I mentioned above. 

I love the case it comes in too, although it does feel a little bit flimsy.

Overall a great brush set and a great price. It is £21.99 in the UK and available in Boots stores and online at www.love-makeup.co.uk and www.boots.com



  1. I really want this! More for the buffing brush, i wish they were separate!


  2. I have been lusting after these brushes for weeks now, but just cant afford them! The buffing brush looks so good! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog! http://lucy-abigail.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I've been thinking about getting this kit, sounds fab!



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